want it now, if i can find it: food face plate

While playing with my food is a hobby that lives happily in my past, the Food Face Plate by Fred is tempting me to reawaken those creative juices, or at least encourage them in my friends’ kids. And I’ve “wanted it now” for a long, long time. Overwhelming demand has made it sold out everywhere for months, but I’ve kept my ear to the ground and am thrilled to report that many retailers are receiving new shipments this week. Currently available at PopDeluxe for $16.99, the plate will reportedly be available for closer to $11 at Patina , Perpetual Kid, and Oliebollen in the next few days. Certain retailers, like Spoon Sisters, have already sold out this shipment, but are expecting more in mid-late January. More may also become available at Baron Bob, Kitchen Kapers, and shopRockCandy. Finding the Holy Grail might be easier, but I’ll never give up the seplace! — Sarah C.

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in love with the coco mini bar


I don’t have much space for a bar in my apartment, so I went with this tray setup. Then I saw this awesome hanging bar and began to dream of a bar makeover. Just today I spotted the Coco Mini Bar and I’m officially in full-on jealousy mode. Leonhard Pfeifer brings us great design (and an even better tagline—”a mini bar so delicious you’ll want to have it home for a drink”) with his Mini.BarBoudoir series. I’m particularly smitten with the Coco Mini Bar design which uses classic Chanel nail varnish as the hand-painted finishing touch. According to Design Milk, the colors Pfeifer uses are Chanel No. 159 Fire Red, the classic movie star shade, and No. 18 Rouge Noir (worn by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction). The bar is part of a collection of eight limited edition pieces. — Erica P.

Photo via Design Milk

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steal this idea: onesie-decorating baby shower


We love this idea for a baby shower spotted at Offbeat Mama: a party where guests decorate onesies for the impending arrival — but the hitch is, it “doesn’t suck”! Author Joriel Foltz points out that even though not everyone is a gifted artist, “as a long-time crafter, I have faith that anyone can make something adorable with the right tools and support.” Visit Offbeat Mama for her guidelines, and view more fun photos here.

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just in time for new moon: just bitten cupcakes


There are those of you who will think less of me for this confession, I’m sure. Those of you who are judgmental and naive to the appeal will roll your eyes and suck your teeth. I’m not afraid. Go ahead, look down your noses at me if you must, but I am obsessed with the Twilight series. I attended a Twilight viewing party with my fellow Twi-hards to prepare for today’s New Moon premiere (Squeal!) and I brought these delicious, cherry-filled cupcakes with me! The recipe is after the jump. (Just for the record, I’m Team Edward.) — Katie D. Click for vampire cupcakes! (more…)

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