wanna get organized for the holidays? let’s do it together!

We know what you’re thinking: Here it is just 20 days until Thanksgiving and I don’t even know who’s coming over for dinner, let alone what I’m cooking yet! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The holidays manage to hit all of us like a snowstorm in October. This season, Shelterrific is excited to be working with the folks over at iVillage in The Get Organized For the Holidays Challenge. Sign up for the challenge, and starting November 14th you’ll receive daily tips in your inbox written by some familiar voices: Us! Week one is about planning a menu and a budget for Thanksgiving with Angela M.. Week two, Becki S. will put her shopping know-how to work and help you tackle your gift giving strategy. Week three, Mary T. will guide us through holiday decorating and some fun craft ideas, and finally former Shelterrific contributor and current iVillage food editor Lisa Cericola will help you host a holiday party with ease and grace. There will also be a dedicated message board where you can give and get advice to specific questions. We may not have all the answers, but together we can figure it out.

So stop worry and sign up today!

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perfect for pop-ins: the bubble sofa and ottoman

Picnik collage

As the holidays grow ever closer, I know many of us may be preparing for the influx of extra bodies in our homes. Visiting family, open houses, and parties galore can tax existing furniture levels and have us busting out the uncomfortable folding chairs to accommodate everyone. While recently browsing with glee and delight at the new Seattle boutique Charley + May, I stumbled across what just may be the perfect solution to those temporary seating needs: The bubble sofa and ottoman. Made from sturdy PVC plastic and available in a broad range of candy-brights, the bubbles blow right up to provide some fun color without breaking the bank. If you’re in Seattle, pick up the sofa and ottoman in person, $72, and $20, respectively. And for those of you not near the Emerald City, Charley + May will be happy to ship, for a $25 charge. — Megan B.

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real life test kitchen: roasted pumpkin curry soup


This soup is my homage to the incredibly flavorful dish, Khao Soi from northern Thailand. Though my version varies in many ways from the original noodly stew of magnificence that is Khao Soi, I really tried (and I think succeeded) to recreate the essence of its flavor. I opted to make a warming pureed soup that takes its base from roasted pumpkin and butternut squash, assertively spiced with both Thai curry paste and Indian curry powder. And of course I couldn’t forget plenty of coconut milk added for silky richness. I may have made it a touch spicy (that curry paste does NOT mess around), but it wasn’t anything a little yogurt couldn’t cool down. It’s just about the perfect soup to warm up a cool Autumn night — and great for crowds, since it makes a ton! — Megan B.
Get the recipe, after the jump! (more…)

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desperately seeking squirrel candles!


A few weeks ago, I stumbled into a Pottery Barn (actually, Isadora, my 3 1/2 year old lead the way, demanding we go inside) and was dazzled by the holiday tabletops on display. There were gorgeous platters and bowls covered in classic foul drawings and leafy runners. Not really my style, but I could appreciate them nonetheless. Then I spotted these adorable critter candles — a squirrel and a hedgehog. I held them in my hand, considered how sweet they’d be on our holiday table, and thought they were reasonably priced at $10. Before I had a chance to make my way to the checkout counter, Isadora was ready to move on. Besides I thought, who could melt such a cutie? The moment passed; I left empty handed.

Fast forward to mid October, and now I really want a squirrel candle. How can we celebrate properly without one! I totally have didn’t-buy-that remorse, and now, alas, they seem to be sold out.

Has that ever happened to you? Ever think twice about something you didn’t get and then not be able to find it again?

More importantly — do you know where I could find me a darn squirrel candle? Help! — Angela M.

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