drink up with fun and fabulous shot glasses


With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, my mind, like a good Irish girl, goes immediately to whiskey. Honestly, I’m more of a gin gal, but I really love these fun shot glasses nonetheless — and they’d all do fine to toast Erin Go Bragh with a shot of “top shelf” Jameson (though a purist may swear it has to be out of Mullingar pewter to count). — Megan B.

Above: Not so good at sharing? Then the Mine and Yours shot glasses will distribute the hooch between you and your guests “fairly” — $12, from Gama Go.

These Swedish shot glasses by Giarini from huset may be a splurge at $70, but oh, are they pretty. They’d make a great wedding gift, too, just sayin’.


Channel your inner Dillinger with these Mug Shots, $16.95 for a set of 6, at Neatorama. ‘Cause you know all those gangsters drank whiskey.

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Or if your tastes tend to the more literary, than combine your drinking with some light reading: Great Thinkers shot glasses, $14.95/4, at Shakespeare’s Den. And what could possibly be more Irish than toasting with a quote from The Emerald Isle’s own W.B. Yeats — “”The problem with some people is that when they’re not drunk they’re sober”. Wiser words have never been written.

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real life test kitchen: arugula lemon pesto


Wondering what I did with all of those lemons? Well, honestly, not as much as I wanted to. There were so many fantastic suggestions, and I really wanted to try them all (though I did use Elizabeth and Morgan’s tip and froze some of the juice for later), but I ended up mostly using them here and there. Two in a roasted chicken, a couple in some tea, and more than once, I made arugula lemon pesto. This peppery, bright, and verdant sauce is like a kick-start of fresh springy flavor when we’re still waiting for the ground to thaw. I love it on just about anything: pasta of course, with some capers and smoked salmon, as a sauce for a spanish style pizza with shaved manchego cheese and jamon serrano, or just spooned on top of grilled halibut or some goat cheese. It’s never around for too long, which is why I generally make a double batch and freeze one for later. — Megan B. Click for the recipe, after the jump! (more…)

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going eco-friendly for outdoor party season!


Living in Chicago, I count myself lucky to have a decent-sized patio to have summer
soirees. My apartment is pretty small and can only hold a few people for get-togethers,
so I love it when spring comes and I can start party planning! This year I’m upping my
green efforts and buying dishes for outdoor use so I can make these parties a little more
eco-friendly. “No more plastic plates” is going to be my motto. Since the dishes will only
be used less than a dozen times over the summer, I’m committed to purchasing second-
hand to save on costs, and replacement fees when they break. Outdoor parties always
seem to have dishware casualties at my house!

I struck out finding much decent at my local second-hand store, so I’ve come up with a
list of other places to scour over the next few months:
– restaurant and bar closings
– estate sales
– hotel liquidation sales
– restaurant remodeling

I will be checking the local weekly papers for sales, as well as watching out for places
closing or changing formats in my neighborhood. Once I managed to purchase some
really great chairs from a closed bar just by putting a note on their door, so keep your
eyes peeled for closing or reinventing establishments! Where would you shop? –
Rebecca F.

Image credit: Rebecca Firlik

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an offer you can’t refuse: godfather movie party!


One of my very best friends is a transplant from England, and we recently discovered that she had never seen any of the Godfather movies. Tragedy! Insisting that she see them, we decided to make an entire party out of the viewings. We planned a huge Godfather-themed weekend (homemade pasta, red wine, Bolognese sauce, oranges, cappuccino, cannoli, etc.) and invited over our friends to pop over to watch when they could. We managed to watch all three (over two days) and had a blast picking out quotes, noticing cameos, and having “ah-ha!” moments. After we finished, we were already talking about what the next movies would be — Star Wars, Brat Pack era, Almodóvar-directed — and who would get to pick! It was a great way to spend a rainy weekend with friends, and we cant wait for the next one. What kind of movie-themed weekend would you throw? — Rebecca F.

Photo credit: IMDB © 1972 – Paramount Pictures

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kinda genius: capresso milk pro frother


In an effort to simplify and be more budget-conscious, I decided not to replace my very loved Gaggia espresso machine when we recently moved back to the States. Instead, I make my morning coffee the Italian way, with a very affordable stovetop espresso maker. And I’m OK with that. But a girl can still have her thick, luxurious froth, can’t she? With the Capresso Froth Pro, that’s a resounding “si!” I had been lusting after a Nespresso Aeroccino Plus ever since my friend bought one a few years back. But the Capresso won me over with its lower price (around $50-60) and ease of cleaning (it’s even dishwasher-safe.) I’ve been using it for about a month now, and I have never enjoyed such rich foam outside a coffeehouse. The unexpected bonus is that it turns a package of Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix into something out of a Swiss après-ski place. And when iced coffee season rolls around, the Capresso can do cold froth, too. Thank you, Capresso, for putting a little barista-ness back in my morning latté. — Ginny F.

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