real life test kitchen: cheat-a-quiles

Technically, it’s more of a Tex-Mex Migas bake than true chilaquiles, but I think “cheat-a-quiles” is a much cuter name. Either way, it’s a quick, easy, and, best of all, delicious brunch, lunch, or even dinner that can feed quite a few folks on just a few cents (and makes excellent packable leftovers, too). This dish makes marvelous use of those broken up shards of tortilla chips left at the bottom of the bag, and is a great canvas for any leftover veggies or meats in the fridge. This version is actually vegetarian, using soy chorizo, but you could easily sub any protein you’d like — chicken, bacon, or even leftover pinto beans can work well with this. I usually like to garnish my cheat-a-quiles with sour cream, fresh cilantro, and some fresh avocado, which make this really special. But alas, this week found me out of those things, and without the time to procure them, so this time, it’s just a healthy splash of my favorite hot sauce. But it still works for me, and I hope it’ll work for you, too! — Megan B. Click for Megan B.’s cheat-a-quiles! (more…)

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heat a peep: after-easter sales mean peeps treats


There’s nothing like a cheap Peep. And now that Peeps season is winding down, they’re on sale everywhere! Far be it from me to waste a good Peep harvest; I picked up a few boxes and put them to work in this recipe for Peeps Krispie Treats from Grace Kang over at Serious Eats. They may not be as classy as Megan B.’s carmelized brown butter version, but they’re quick, inexpensive, and pink, so what’s not to love? — Sarah C.

The carnage in the top two photos is all Sarah’s, but the beautiful treats were photographed by Robyn Lee for Serious Eats

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post off: what’s on your holiday table?


This week is a big food holiday for many of us, whether we’re celebrating Passover or Easter. I’m actually ashamed to admit I’ve really dropped the ball these last few years, skipping a large Easter dinner entirely and opting for an easy brunch out with friends. This Sunday, however, will be spent in grand style: enjoying both roasted rack of lamb AND roasted chicken with leeks, smashed potatoes, homemade brioche and super-fresh asparagus. Thankfully, I am not the one preparing such a large repast, but merely bringing either Dorie Greenspan’s Amaretti Torte or this Gianduja Bete noir. But I know our readers are expert holiday entertainers, and there have got to be some fantastic spreads happening out there. Whether it’s brisket and potato kugel, spiral-sliced honey ham and scalloped potatoes, or something completely different, I’d love to know what’s being served at your feast. — Megan B.

Photo via The Bitten Word (a blog, incidentally, we love)

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real life test kitchen: caramelized brown butter rice crisp treats

Brown butter is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest-tasting things on the planet. The deliciousness originates from the browning of milk solids that separate from the fat when butter is melted, lending a toasty, nutty, butterscotch-like complexity to whatever you serve it with, sweet or savory. So when I saw this New York Times recipe for caramelized brown butter rice crisp treats, I instantly bookmarked it, hoping to make them soon — and then promptly forgot all about it. At 11 p.m. last Friday, I realized that I needed to bring a dessert to an event at 7 a.m. the next day. I was so glad to not only have this recipe waiting in my arsenal, but also, serendipitously, the ingredients on hand. Shazam! In a mere 15 minutes, I had an impressive, portable dessert that turns the old fashioned Rice Krispy Treats up to 11. I made a couple of modifications to the original recipe, using only 1/2 the butter and subbing out organic puffed brown rice cereal for the Rice Krispies and was elated with the results: super-crunchy, brown buttery, and just enough sugar and salt to make them crazy addictive. — Megan B. Click for the recipe! (more…)

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