steal this idea: oscar party bingo

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There’s no better Sunday of the year than Oscar night (that’s right, I’m including the Super bowl in that statement). This year, I’m throwing an Oscar party, and have stocked up on these Academy Award-themed bingo cards from How About Orange. They’re very tongue-in-cheek and a welcome alternative to the boring old nominee ballots. Bingo is especially good for the non-movie buffs in the crowd whose attention is sure to wander unless they’re watching to closely see if they can cross off that “woman trips” square. — Katie D.

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real life test kitchen: eggplant parmesan casserole


This dish is good. I’m serious, people: really good. It takes a little bit of work to get it prepped and in the oven, but I assure you it’s worth it. I used a mandolin to get really thin, even slices of eggplant, but a knife and a bit of patience will work just as well. Happy Cooking! — Erica P. Click for eggplant parmesan casserole! (more…)

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cool porcelain tumblers for coffee in the car


In my humble opinion, coffee tastes best out of porcelain. It retains the heat well and, more importantly, makes me feel classy. But my favorite porcelain mug doesn’t fit in my car’s cup holder. What’s a commuting, coffee-crazed gal like myself supposed to do? Get myself one of these double-walled porcelain commuter cups from Vessel drinkware, that’s what. They’re heat safe to 170°F, have a nifty silicone lid, and are microwave safe. But best of all, they’ve got fun and modern designs. If you’re a fan of the original Batman TV series, the Pow! tumbler should appeal to your love of onomatopoeia. If your taste is less bat and more owl, then Tough Little Owl is for you. But my favorite of all is the Mustache Chart, simple white with a handlebar mustache — and a handy guide to other styles. Classy with a touch of kitsch, and totally affordable at $15.99. — Megan B.

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real life test kitchen: baked potato soup

I’m about six years behind on cooking for enjoyment, so I missed this Cooking Light recipe the first time it appeared. Fortunately, it’s on their “best of” list online, so I got a second chance. At just under 400 calories a serving, the end result is every bit as creamy as full-fat restaurant versions. I chunked some of the potatoes instead of mashing and added the bacon and all of the green onion to the soup instead of saving for garnish, but other than that, I followed the recipe. It’s definitely on my “best of” list now, too. — Sarah L. Click for baked potato soup! (more…)

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