post off: what’s your favorite street food?

It seems like mobile food carts and trucks are sweeping the nation. I’ve always been a fan of the L.A. taco truck phenomenon, and here in Seattle, in addition to the usual “roach coaches” and hot dog carts, there’s a flood of mobile food options for diners. These trucks and carts run the gamut from my favorite falafel to burgers with bacon jam and cambozola cheese, giving us champagne dinners at beer prices. Cities like Austin, Portland, and New York have their own mobile food explosions, making wonder if the days of brick-and-mortar restaurants are numbered. There’s a great read on high-end “street food” at Time Magazine. Do you have a favorite street treat, or do you tend to shy away from meals on wheels? –Megan B.

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i dig the bread bin, but will it save my loaf?


I pretty much freeze every loaf of bread I buy these days. Summertime in the city means serious humidity, and it seems if I don’t freeze my bread it goes bad before I get halfway through it. I don’t mind freezing it, but it means the bread must be toasted when I want to eat it. Well, sometimes a girl wants a sandwich on soft (un-toasted) bread, so I’m looking to find an alternative. I’ve never had a bread box before, and I’m wondering if it’s actually a useful contraption. Is it simply storage, or will it help with freshness? Do any of you store your bread in a box? I found this great looking bread bin over at Joseph Joseph. It’s 100% melamine and the lid doubles as a bread board. The bright red color would work great in my kitchen, but I don’t know if it’s going to save me from my freezer. Any advice? — Erica P.

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real life tot kitchen: dinosaur soup


It’s very rare for me to find a book I’ll finish in one sitting, but when I came across Dinosaur Soup in a gift shop this summer, I finished my first book in one standing. This collection of 50 recipes written by children is so irresistible I read the whole thing while waiting to check out, and rue the day I didn’t purchase it right there! Luckily I tracked it down at Bob’s Your Uncle and was ecstatic to learn that they’re currently taking recipe submissions for the follow-up book slated to be published later this year. Know a child with a favorite recipe? Submit it here! –Sarah C.

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new obsession: laloo’s goat’s milk frozen yogurt


Ice cream just may be my favorite food of all time. Unfortunately, my stomach doesn’t always enjoy rich dairy as much as my palate does. But I recently discovered Laloo’s Cajeta de Leche frozen yogurt, made with goat’s milk, which is much gentler on those with lactose issues. It’s smooth, creamy, sweet, and tangy — and thankfully jam-packed with active probiotic cultures that further aid delicate digestive systems. Cajeta de Leche is caramel-flavored yogurt streaked with a healthy dose of cajeta, a Mexican caramel. That combo is enough to make me swoon, but to top it off, there are generous chunks of Texas toffee brickle to sweeten the deal even more. Thankfully, it’s considerably lower in calories than traditional full-fat ice cream (190 calories per serving) — something I use to justify killing a whole pint with my husband in one sitting! Find it at a grocery near you or, if you can’t, find it online here. — Megan B.

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last-minute party: go to the movies at home


Let’s face it: no summer is perfect. Chances are at least once this season your fabulous beach party or backyard BBQ has been ruined by unexpected dark clouds (especially poor rain-soaked New England this year). Suddenly, you’re stuck with a guest list and no plans. What do you do?

First off, don’t panic! Scan your DVD shelf or get thee to a Blockbuster — couch-potato movie parties are easy to throw together and easy to enjoy. Just check out the tips for a last-minute movie party after the jump! –Katie D. (more…)

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