force friday: this star wars BB-8 video deeply appeals to our design sense


There’s a great deal of excitement building in our house around the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s a little out of control, as each new trailer has tears running down my husband’s face. Today the first wave of toys is hitting stores for Force Friday. For the most part, I patiently indulge and understand these deep pangs of adolescent nostalgia, but don’t feel them myself. This video from Spherio of the new mini BB-8 droid toy changes all that. Not only is it insanely cute and programmed by an app on your smart phone but it’s gorgeously designed. And the house this video is shot in? It’s a glass and concrete modernist’s dream. Just tell me how to make that succulent garden!

If you want more info on the toy itself, and when and where it may be available for a rumored $150, see this story

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vintage find: mccoy bread plate warms my heart


I’ve been trying to curb my love for vintage tchotchkes, namely because we are always fighting to keep our house uncluttered. But when I spotted this delightful bread plate at Salvage Style over the weekend I didn’t hesitate to swoop it up. Salvage Style is our local treasure trove run by former This Old House editor Amy Hughes. who has an amazing eye. Her tiny shop is so well curated, with just the right mix of mid-century furniture and decor pieces that both wow and warm your heart. In some ways, that’s what this bread plate did for me. You see, pane is the Italian word for bread. But it also happens to be my grandfather’s last name — though here in America it is pronounced “pain” rather than the proper “pahn-eh.” It is made by McCoy Pottery, a 100+ Ohio company known for its brown drip glaze. This bread plate is not typical, but it sure found the right home now that its mine.

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discover muurla, the cutest tableware ever

We spotted these insanely cute enameled mugs and plates at Royal Design and instantly felt our hearts flutter. Made by Muurla, a Finnish company founded in 1974, this collection focuses on Moomin, his family and friends Little My, Snufkin, Moominpappa and the others in the cartoon series. Our favorite is this Little My mug, with her punky ponytail and angry scowl.


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feeling groovy: ikea brings back a limited edition, retro series


We got a press announcement yesterday that stopped us in our tracks. Ikea is reissuing some of its classic designs from the 50s and 60s in a new collection celebrating its 70th anniversary. The ÅRGÅNG is the sort of pieces that makes modernists swoon: Clean lines, bright colors, butterfly chairs, sturdy tables on skinny legs. Some if it will look familiar to you, like the Strandmon chair with its curvy wings (originally issued in 1951 under the James Bond-ish name, MK). If you don’t need to kit out a whole living room, consider the Gardskar pendant or perhaps a set of Matedel plates which would be lovely on your mod holiday table. The ÅRGÅNG collection is only available in select stores, for a limited time only — so clear your weekend schedule and hit up your local Ikea for a gander.

See more about the ÅRGÅNG collection on Gizmodo.

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a peek into a prop stylist’s closet


Ever wonder how those images you see in catalogs always look so wonderful, with just the right mix of accidental treasures next to season’s new collection? Imagine a walk-in-closet, organized with a selection of colorful plates, one-of-kind vases and the most eclectic selection of curios you’ve ever seen. That’s what it looks like inside of Sandy Chilewich’s prop closet. The designer, founder and creative director of Chilewich — our go to source for gorgeous yet practical placements, runners and rugs — Sandy’s studio features floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with objects collected over the years from around the world. When a stylist wants to use something that is too rare or precious to own, they often dip into the vaults of other collector heavens to borrow or rent pieces. Some of Sally’s recent finds, above, came from a small shop in Greenwich Village, called the Porcelain Room. For more of an inside look at the creative process behind Chilewich, check out Sally’s board on Pinterest.

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