check out these floating forks…

…and spoons and knives and ladles — you get the point! These super-cool utensils by Seongyong Lee have a little hollow ball that actually keeps them afloat. I can just imagine these colorful tools bobbing around in my sink! I haven’t been able to figure out a source for purchasing them, or a price point for that matter. If anyone can uncover this mystery, it would be much appreciated. –Erica P.

Image via designklub

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my ebay find: vintage world map

The other week Leah did a post on some amazing antique Paris maps available on eBay. Well, we had been looking for a vintage world map for our living room. The space over our couch had been empty for too long, so we finally decided to commit on some educational wall art. We scored this lovely number for about $60. Best of all, it came with a bar to hang on, so mounting was easy. Do a seplace for vintage school map and see what you can find! — Angela M.

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leah’s ebay finds: obamaware ceramics

Hudson Valley, New York ceramic artist Ayumi Horie has organized 27 talented claymasters to create Obamaware, a collection of 140 handmade pieces commemorating the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate. The fundraiser just went live on eBay. Fifty percent of the auction proceeds will be donated to the Barack Obama/Joseph Biden campaign, and the winning bidders will own a one-of-a-kind and highly collectible memento from this historic election. The auctions end Wednesday, November 22, at 5 p.m. Pacific time. Check out the entire Obamaware collection right here.

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