wish i was there: jackson hole’s elk auction


If I could telekinetically transport myself anywhere this weekend, May 20th and 21st, it would be to Jackson Hole, WY for the annual Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction. Every year, after the long winter’s snows have melted, local scouts comb over the land surrounding JH, home to the Grand Tetons and the Southern corner of Yellowstone. They harvest naturally shed antlers (a seasonal ritual for elk) and then sell them off to buyers from around the globe. A handy person could whip together a spiffy wall mount or an antler chandelier for a fraction of what they cost in stores. Jackson is just about the most beautiful place I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, and with all those spring wildflowers in bloom, I bet this pre-peak weekend is the perfect time to be there. Whaddya say we coordinate a Shelterrific field trip there in 2007? — Angela M.

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gifts for grads: wise owl spotting


I’m not sure if it’s all the caps-n-gowns walking around my Columbia U-neighborhood, or the bus billboards advertising that new movie Hoot, but I’ve been noticing a lot of owls out there lately. A little more sturdy than those trendy sparrows, they’ve also been popping up on some of my favorite design sites. For starters, cutxpaste.com offers up this softy from Gourmet Amigurumi, $32. For the nightowl on the prowl for small mammals, this owl necklace, $20, from Day-Lab, will do the trick. Nelson’s classic owl clock, $120, at Twenty Twenty One will keep you perky around the clock. On the bottom row, this denim owl pillow, $62, from Doe-Sf is perfect for that reading chair. Unica Home has a few of these lovely glass owls to choose from; I like this barn owl, $132. And finally, just in case your nightvision isn’t quite as adept as an owl’s, turn on this happy owl green nightlite, $45, from Mahardry Goods. Be sure to tell them all whooooooo sent you! — Angela M.

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field trip: the blaine bubble


We stopped by David Blaine’s aquatic home on our way to work on Friday, and Chad snapped this photo. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the bubble really is amazing; a perfect sphere that’s just the right size for its human inhabitant. Hopefully someone has been clever enough to create David Blaine snow globes — it’s the souvenir we’re craving. If you want to know more about the spectacle, click over to the stuntman’s web journal. Warning: the photos of his shriveled fingers are truly gross. But hey, there is one advantage to living in a fish tank: no allergies.

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silly thing i want right now


Ok, I think this may be mid-day surfing at its most dangerous, but I just stumbled upon these and had to post them. (It is, technically, lunch hour). Tater Tots are always a popular in our house, and even though the freezer stock may be empty at the moment, these Tots Pencil Toppers, $6 from UrbanOutfitters.com, will remind me to add them to the shopping list. They crazy thing is: they’re not even erasers! — Angela M.

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wanna lose weight? get smaller bowls


I’ve always admired my mother’s taste in home décor; you could say she has quite the eye for design. So on my recent trip to Boston, I wasn’t too surprised to find the cutest, new mini-bowls in the kitchen cabinet. When my mom heard “oohs” and “ahhs” from the other room she hurried in and gave me her explanation for a seemingly pointless (yet darling) purchase. You see, Mom always goes on a strict “It’s almost time for summer” diet, and yet, she can’t seem to give up her after-dinner bowl of ice cream. She decided to cut her serving size in half, but the slimmed down portion looked downright skimpy in a normal sized bowl. Coming in to save the day: Anthropologie’s Mini-Latte Bowls (4 for $10, anthropologie.com for store locations). The shrunken size is perfect for a “heaping 2-ounce” bowl of ice cream. Now that’s what I call having your ice cream and eating it, too! — Erica P.

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