hello, old friend: polaroid returns


All I have to say is, HALLELUJAH! I saw the good news over on The World’s Best Ever and wanted to share it with you all:

“The brand is back with plans to re-release the old instant film cameras and the iconic Color 600 instant film. Here’s a look at the new Polaroid PIC 1000, which is scheduled to be released later this year. The new camera should cost less than USD $100.”

Welcome back, Polaroid! Welcome back! — Erica P.

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site we’re psyched about: tagsellit.com


Quite awhile ago, I lamented not being able to find the variety and quality of flea markets that were common when I lived in the Midwest. No wonder I’m enthused about tagsellit.com. The site is a clearinghouse of flea markets, estate sales, and more throughout the country, and there’s even a place on the site where you can sell your items directly. This may not be good for my bank account, but it is good for my spirits! — Mary T.

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not just for kids: the art of fern bisel peat

The zoo has long since lost its childhood magic for me. The work of Fern Bisel Peat, however, continues to captivate. She lived from 1893 to 1971 and while her illustrations appeared in books, magazines and paper doll collections and on tin toys and puzzles throughout the ’30s and ’40s, I can find little of her work after that. My favorite is still the first one I saw, “Cinderella,” published in 1943, which was my Mom’s growing up. The stepsisters look rotten enough to make your molars ache and Cinderella has lost none of her charm. You can find Cinderella, and other great examples of her work, at AbeBooks.com. One I’ve just discovered is Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Tanglewood Tales, a retelling of the Greek myths for children, which show a different side of Peat’s work. Thankfully, it seems I’m not alone in thinking her work has lost nothing over time. Single-page folios from books, original watercolors, and this new puzzle can also be found on Esty and eBay. — Sarah L.

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ebay find: amelia earhart luggage

If you’ve seen the new movie Amelia, you know that Amelia Earhart was much more than an aviator and an inspiration to millions. In her far-too-brief 39 years, she authored two books, was an associate editor at Cosmopolitan, became a visiting faculty member at Purdue University (where she planned to return after her ’round-the-world flight) and was actively involved in the manufacture and promotion of several products that bore her name. My favorite? Amelia Earhart luggage, which Earhart insisted be up to the demands of air travel. Perhaps that’s one reason you still find great travel cases, trunks, and suitcases on eBay, like a demure set of three or this bright green, ribbon-trimmed assortment. (We found the vintage ad on eBay, too.) Me? I’ve been stubbornly holding out hopes for years that I’ll find one while antiquing. It’s part of the adventure. — Sarah L.

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target halloween giveaway spooky decor contest, entry #6: ramona’s cute collections


Okay, so, we think Ramona cheated just a little — she submitted a photo of her adorable orange and black cats, who are actually named Trick and Treat! Aside from her living, breathing, meowing tribute to Halloween, Ramona has a lot of collections, like an entire tabletop haunted town, and even her bathroom gets into the act. See more photos at her site. And remember, today is your last day to enter your Halloween decor!

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