want it now: felted soap


Typical situation: I walked into Anthropologie yesterday and saw something for the “love” list. This week’s obsession? Felted soap. Handmade in the USA by Fiat Luxe, these adorable little soaps double as sudsy (and anti-fungal!) washcloths that can be reused when the original scented soap has magically disappeared. Made with no synthetic, chemical, nor animal ingredients, they may be the perfect thing for that weary post-holiday shopper: you! You can find Fiat Luxe Felted Soap for $14 at Anthropologie, Beautyhabit, or Amazon.com. Or if you prefer to let your wallet sleep in, see simple soap felting DIY instructions here and here. — Sarah C.

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creativity for kids: magical menagerie

When I was a child, I took an origami class and emerged from it with nothing but paper cuts. I thought my paper crafting days were over until I spotted these bright cardboard critters sitting pretty at a local letterpress shop. Created by artist Junzo Terada, Magical Menagerie, $24.95 from Chronicle Books, is book of 20 punch-out animal sculptures that are constructed by simply fitting the matching slotted pieces together — no scissors, glue, or ornate folding required. The colorful creatures look great on display, and make for a fun activity or unconventional card. — Sarah C.

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ladies and gentlemen, we have a pot rack


After reading through all of your amazing comments and suggestions on my post about wanting to hang a pot rack, I decided I should probably consult the guy actually in charge of building it for me. It turns out my boyfriend is pretty creative and quite the handyman. I came home from work one day to find he had devised a plan for building me my very own pot rack. Less than $20 and 30 minutes later I had a great place to hang my new pots. It was as simple as drilling a few pilot holes, screwing in some eye-hooks, hanging a couple of carabiners and sawing off the handle of a broomstick. Oh, and the pretty metal hooks—they’re actually shower curtain hooks! I think it looks rather sleek…in an industrial sort of way. Let me know if you want more detailed instructions and I’ll get the handyman himself to write some up. —Erica P.

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found chair makeover for fifteen dollars

I’d been scouring Craigslist for a small desk for my daughter’s bedroom re-do, but after three months of no-go and a birthday deadline fast approaching, I changed my plans last garbage day. With my neighbor’s blessing, I snagged her chair from the curb. It took about two hours to scrub and vacuum it clean. Then I repaired the loose wicker on the front legs, gave it a coat of white primer, and finished with two cans of Krylon Watermelon. (Still not sure about the monogram I taped off in the diamond pattern on the back of the chair — I was going for funky but think now it might be fussy. Thoughts?) Click to read the rest — and see the chair as it looked before Sarah’s magic! (more…)

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help! how do i display my cds?

Chana writes:

I have a ton of old CDs that are not being used due to the convienience of mp3 players. I cannot part with them so they just collect dust in those CD books, taking up space. I love music and was thinking it would be interesting to display the ones that have colorful artwork. I have seplaceed the Internet to see if anyone has crafted such a thing, but only come up with CD storage frames. Anyone have any idea how to frame cds in a collage without having to ruin them with glue?

Hmm…Well, Chana, we actually like the storage frames at Billboard CD Frame — is it not having a case that’s the problem, or are you simply looking for a more 2D solution? You could try attaching the case art to a magnetic board like this one, or slipping them into a ribboned bulletin board. You could also try adapting this Curbly DIY on hanging photos using a wire (photo here). But maybe you want a more finished, framed look. Readers, any suggestions?

Photo by Meow

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