simple diy: zippered memory pillow from your child’s sleeper

There are certain things I readily admit about myself. One is that despite all good intentions, I am years away from getting to do a lot of the projects I set aside material for. So I gave in: instead of making a quilt from saved baby clothes, I made a pillow that a certain four-year-old is mad about. The inspiration? Country Living’s recent Buttoned-Up Pillows. For mine, I cut a zipped-up blanket sleeper into a square (it’s okay to cut off the bottom of the zipper so long as it is zipped; you’ll seam across it later), measured a matching piece of pink material, and with right sides together, sewed around all four edges. To finish, simply unzip (easing down a bit from the top before before you can reach inside), turn right-side-out, and insert a 14-inch pillow form. Zip back up and you’re done! –Sarah L.

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easy dream-bed diy: country living canopy bed


We promised our daughter we’d redo her room for her birthday. Fortunately, she was turning four, so she was happy with the room painted pink, a rearranging of the much-maligned flower decals, and a surprise canopy. The canopy couldn’t have been simpler — once I convinced my husband that it wouldn’t look like a malaria tent. He added a decorative ceiling hook 16 inches out from the wall and, using the directions from Country Living, made and hung a canopy in less than half an hour. The best part? For kids with allergies (or Moms who hate dust), a bi-yearly cleaning is as simple as unscrewing the embroidery hoop! Note: for a canopy with more swag, you probably want to place the hook a little farther out. But for young kids, it lessens the scary shadows that show up at 2 a.m. –Sarah L.

We’ll share how Sarah made the adorable pillow next week! In the meantime, what’s your dream bed?

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steal this idea: decorate with vintage puzzles


Sara of Going Jesus is an occasional blogger (she rose to fame with Going Bridal many moons ago) who always seems to have something craftily inspiring whenever I check in. This time it was with her inventive decor for her son’s bedroom — vintage puzzles with the pieces glued in, hung on the wall as art. She also recycled the odd puzzle pieces as magnets and decorated a door with old game boards. See more photos here. –Mary T.

P.S. Here’s a timely example of Sara’s craftiness: the Jive Turkey Baby Hat that you can knit for your child!

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digital diy: paper iphone dock


I do not have an iPhone, but I’m certain that if I did, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford much else. Despite this (and despite my dedication to my tried and true “vintage” flip phone, of course) I’ve recently desired an iPhone or iTouch just to have a reason to make this neat little paper dock. Made with a single sheet of letter-sized paper, it’s a crafty way to be green with paper you have, without spending the green you don’t. Visit Dessine moi un objet for a template, video, and instructions. –Sarah C.

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handmade nation screenings: are you in?

Faythe Levine’s Handmade Nation, her documentary on the rise of indie crafting, is being shown in special screenings in many states. I’ll be getting out to see it when it comes to Seattle in a couple weeks. If you want to see if a city near you is on the list, check the right column on the Handmade Nation blog — cities in Missouri and Virginia are on the list, as well as Washington, DC. Even if the documentary isn’t screening near you, it’s due to be released on DVD in November — perfect for holiday giving! Watch the trailer here. –Mary T.

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