stitch wars: star wars gets crafty

Like your Wookiees extra fuzzy? Think Princess Leia’s weird hairdo would be enhanced with bunny ears? Then check out Stitch Wars, the handmade tribute to Star Wars at Lauderhill, Florida’s Bear and Bird Gallery. With work by artists like Yummy Candy, John Lacko, and Pinkypunk, Stitch Wars is full of fun interpretations of Star Wars characters. Many of the works have been sold, but you can still buy from quite a selection at the Bear and Bird site (I kind of like this pillow — though OMG they misspelled “Wookiee”). You can also view the entire exhibition on Flickr. And as the gallery owners themselves say, may the farce be with you. –Mary T.

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charming summer diy: hanging jar chandeliers

My mission this summer has been to transform my tiny breadth of a patio into a backyard retreat by any means possible. The most successful element that I’ve added to my urban terrace has been these hanging jar chandeliers. It was an easy project that only took a little bit of time and less than $30.

I collected a handful of jars (some purchased for a dollar or two at thrift stores and some from chips-and-salsa marathons) and wrapped 20 gauge wires snugly around the lip of each jar with needle nose pliers. Then I attached a U-shaped hanging wire around the top of the jar. I straightened out a few paper clips to use to hang the jars. I bought a length of chain from a hardware store and attached it between two posts to hang the jars from. Drop a votive candle inside each jar and, as the sun sets in your backyard, enjoy the romantic glow. –Katie D.

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steal this idea: DIY changing table

I’m years away from having kids of my own, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over amazing design — even if it is for babies! This industrial changing table over at Cookie magazine’s nesting blog is awesome. Clever mommy Sara and her handy husband made the table from an inexpensive car tools cart by Sunex. I love the idea of making my own kiddie furniture when it comes time for me to do so, but maybe by then Sunex will have moved into the baby goods industry and I won’t have to! — Erica P.

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check these out: crocheted lawn chairs!

I recently inherited a bunch of fabulous stuff from a friend’s mother who was moving out of her home. Pyrex bowls, clothes, and sewing patterns, yes, but the greatest find were these two crocheted lawn chairs. I have never in my life seen anything like them — it’s nylon yarn woven over an aluminum frame — which is why I grabbed them. When I got them home, I was even more delighted to realize that the chairs don’t have just an abstract pattern, but are representations of a squirrel and deer. They are the perfect summer chairs! Has anyone out there seen anything like these? Were they homemade? I just may have to learn how it’s done so I can make myself some more! –Megan B.

Update: See kourtney’s link in comments — looks like they’re macrame!

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help! anyone got an ikea tullsta slipcover pattern?

Reader Lisa Grober writes:

I’m hoping that you can help me find a sewing pattern for an IKEA TULLSTA Slipcover. I think the IKEA options are dreadful, and I’m not in love with any from Bemz since I’d like to avoid the skirt if at all possible. I’m excited to start this project. I’m just thinking it would be a lot less labor intensive if I had a pattern. I’m sure someone out there has one… Thanks.

Well, Lisa, we checked around, and it seems you’re not the first to ask this question — there’s a similar question with just one response at Yahoo. Casa Sugar had a very inspiring example of a DIYer who gave her own TULLSTA chair a terrific facelift — that’s the result in the above photo. It’s not exactly a pattern, but you can get the details of how she did it here.

What about you, readers? Any suggestions for Lisa?

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