make your own holiday decor with plasti dip!


Our friends at eBay tipped us off to this fun video featuring cutie eBay Design Director Shawn Henderson, who introduces the wonders of Plasti Dip! If you’ve never seen the stuff, it’s a thick rubber like “paint” that you can put on just about anything. Shawn’s suggestions including tree branches (use white for a snow like effect), the bottom of socks (instant treads!) and wine glasses. Best of all, you can buy the stuff for only $5.50 a can. Click here to watch the video and then let us know: What would you Plasti Dip?

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look! our wedding tablecloths became a fab quilt

(Thanks to my extremely talented and productive sister-in-law, Cassie.)



You may recall that I had a bit of a hard time deciding on a fabric for our wedding tablecloths. After much debate (and help from you!) I settled on orange, red, brown and cream Denyse Schmidt’s Geranium plaid. It was a quilting fabric, an artform I truly admire and don’t understand at all!

When our wedding was over, Chad’s sister Cassie quietly snatched up all the table squares and said only she wanted to make something with them. I’ve seen her quilting handiwork before and secretly hoped that was what she was up to and — oh joy! — it was! Visiting for Thanksgiving last week, we were delighted and surprised to find a big square box under the tree for us. Though she intended it as Christmas gift, she furiously worked to speed up the project so we could take it home with us after T-Day. And, after the first-snow fall at our river cottage this weekend — I can say it wasn’t a moment too soon! The pattern and the colors are just perfect — she found some matching fabrics and actually worked to repeat the plaid on larger scale. On the other side is a warm and fuzzy orange layer — so snuggly. I can’t tell you how much we love and appreciate it. If you’re inspired to try such a project yourself — here are a few sites that Cassie recommends (and may the quilting force be with you!) — Angela M.

Sites that offer instructions for this block style quilt:’s easy baby quilt’s blue jeans quilt quilt block pattern’s memory quilt

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one-of-a-kind gift idea: custom wood carving


One of the sweetest details from our wedding came when Chad surprised me with a handmade wood carving of the two of us, our own unique wedding topper. The inspiration was an homage to my grandfather, who was an avid woodcarver; our homes are sprinkled with little figurines of his. This adorable carving from Brian Sims in Kentucky, who does commission based work. Chad had sent him a photo of us, simple instructions (“make it look like grandpa carved it on the porch”) and the two of them communicated via email during the carving process. I’m convinced he can carve anything. Wouldn’t a hand carved ornament be the star of a tree? Click through to the next page, and get in touch with Brain via his site
Hip Shot Wood— it’s not too late to get one started for the holidays! — Angela M. (more…)

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thanksgiving place cards


This year I’m hosting Thanksgiving for 12 people and wanted to make place cards. At Joann fabric store, I found a pretty skein of gold-and-brown mohair yarn; difficult to knit with, but easy to wrap around a cardboard template (from the November issue of Martha Stewart Living). Making the turkey head and wings recalled elementary school: tracing templates, cutting out shapes, using glue. I roped in my mom to help me (last week I was lounging around on vacation in New Mexico, where I grew up), and we did them all in half an hour. The hard part is going to be fitting the real, 19-pound turkey in my refrigerator. Click here to see more turkey place card ideas at MSL. — Bunny W.

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