neat and cheap: wrap a stick in yarn

wrapped sticks

Are we nuts, or would this deceptively simple craft be a colorful addition to your summer decor? The folks at Ohdeedoh recommend wrapping sticks in yarn as a fun and super-easy summer craft for kids. We find it appealing for craft-challenged adults as well. (Let’s just say we didn’t master the god’s-eye in Girl Scouts.) What do you think?

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snack saver: resnackit reusable snack bags


We have a toddler who goes to daycare, so I feel like I’m constantly packing lunch and snacks for him (and myself). Plastic baggies are a last resort for us, so when I spotted the ReSnackIt ($12.95) at Paper-Source the other day, I had to buy it. It’s a machine-washable cotton bag lined with nylon that’s BPA/lead/PVC/phthalate-free. Perfect for snacks, it’s also big enough for a sandwich. And it’s stylish. I love it, and so does our son. The cheerful prints are appealing to kids, and the velcro closure makes it easy for them to use. I’m planning to get a couple more from the ReSnackIt site where there are more prints and better prices than at Paper-Source.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, there are also a few cute do-it-yourself opportunities to be had. We’ve posted before about the Reusable Sandwich Wrap by Betz White from CraftStylish, but some other ideas include this Recycled Reusable Sandwich Bag from Noodleheads (she uses the pocket from pair of men’s pants!), and the reusable Snack Bag from French Sleep Deprivation Study. – Michelle V.K.

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weekday diy: the light bulb bud vase


At my apartment we’ve almost completed the switch to compact fluorescent bulbs. In the energy smart era, the incandescent bulb will soon be a fixture of the past, but ReadyMade has a fun way to make even those a little greener by recycling them with this nifty DIY project. Like the idea but don’t have the tools or technical prowess? Etsy user StarRedesigns has you covered with her freestanding versions. Based on washers for a customizable angle, various bulb sizes and shapes are available starting at $11.50. — Sarah C.

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play kitchen makeover: from janky to swanky



Every so often, I take a peek at Going Crafty, where the posts are not frequent, but when they do occur, they make an impact! This time around it was a “pinktastic” play kitchen picked up at a Big Lots for $20, then painted and updated — including a little on/off light in the microwave — for a little boy’s birthday. It looks as good or better as anything I’ve seen at high-end kids’ stores. Click for the DIY! — Mary T.

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kinda genius: lcd “write your own message” cards


I spotted these LCD “Write Your Own Message” Cards from Yellow Owl Workshop at Upon a Fold the other day, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you. The cards are essentially blank, except for a debossed LCD pattern. All you have to do to personalize them is follow the handy alphabet sticker guide and color away. The cards are limited edition, made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, and come with a custom envelope. Buy a set of five for $18 right here. — Erica P.

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