a polaroid scarf that’s so much more

If there’s someone out there in the blogsophere who shares my appreciation (ahem, obsession) for everything Polaroid, it would have to be the lovely swissmiss. I just spotted this Polaroid scarf via her site and I’m seriously swooning. Now, I know we don’t normally cover clothing on Shelterrific, but the thing about this scarf is that I want it for reasons other than accessorizing my outfits — I’m already dreaming up several DIY projects with this scarf at the helm. (A hefty price tag means they’re likely going to stay in my dreams.) I can just imagine using it for a completely awesome pillow, a super-sweet framed piece of art, or even as the fabric for a fantastic seat cushion. The scarves are part of a limited edition series by French designer Phillipe Roucou. To make them even cooler, Roucou used images from anonymous Polaroids found by happenstance. — Erica P.

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want it now: bell jar lamp

I really like the look of the Bell Jar Table Lamp from West Elm. The beautiful base is a clear glass dome that you can use to showcase a favorite object. (Or, leave it empty for a clean look.) The shade is a basic white cotton that really keeps the focus on the base. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the $149 price tag. Perhaps a little DIY is in order? Eric Stromer has this DIY on making a table lamp from a ginger jar — surely that could be adapted! — Erica P.

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tape that makes us happy: japanese masking tape

From the country that brought us Harajuku style, anime, and Maru comes this super kawaii (cute) innovation: Japanese Happytape, now available in the United States and making its brightly colored presence known around the blogosphere. Made from washi paper, Happytape has a million uses besides making me smile. Seriously — there’s an entire blog full of projects for inspiration. The tapes are perfect for low-impact crafts such as gift wrapping, card making, scrapbooking, and just making anything a little less mundane. — Katie D.

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more target art: donna k’s lightboxes

Two weeks ago, Erica asked for suggestions on how to display the target her boyfriend brought home from the shooting range. When Donna K posted a link to a lightbox she’d made from a similar target, we wanted to see more. The lightboxes you see here are completely her creations.


Donna says:

The lightboxes are made out of plywood that I cut and hammered together to make a box with one open side. (I stained the box to make it look nicer/match the decor of where it’ll end up.) I wired a socket to some wire which I ran through a hole I drilled in the top of the box, and then ran the wire to a plug. I used brass thumbtacks to put the target on the box because I like to change them out, but gluing it down would probably have better results! I was thinking of ways to make it easier and came up with using an already-existing box that you take the front off of, and then use those lamp kits they sell at the hardware store for the guts.

Donna, we love these lightboxes! And if you’re not up to constructing your own wooden box, try IKEA — we’ve seen wooden storage containers and drawers similar to these used as lightboxes at craft shows. To see more of Donna K’s artistic endeavors, visit Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then or read more about her at I Want to Wear It. — Mary T.

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