discover muurla, the cutest tableware ever

We spotted these insanely cute enameled mugs and plates at Royal Design and instantly felt our hearts flutter. Made by Muurla, a Finnish company founded in 1974, this collection focuses on Moomin, his family and friends Little My, Snufkin, Moominpappa and the others in the cartoon series. Our favorite is this Little My mug, with her punky ponytail and angry scowl.


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meet fred: the cutest humidifier we’ve ever seen


Winter is really starting to kick in. After seven or so days of below freezing temperatures, my body starts to notice it. My shoulders are tense from the way I hurriedly rush outside, my hands need constant moisturizing, and of course our house feels dryer than a used a chalkboard. Last year we invested in a hefty humidifier from Stradler Form, and I love it. It purrs along through the night and helps keep us breathing clear — not to mention prevents our skin from scaling off. But after spotting this cute little number, I’m attempted to trade in dull Oskar. Meet Fred, the cutest, Jetson-esque humidifier I’ve ever seen. It’d be dreamy in a kid’s bedroom but is chic enough to hold its own in your main living spaces. More than a humidifier, Fred is a vaporizer. Add a scent and it will lift your spirits as well as your moisture levels. Fred at Stradler Form, $150.

More humidifier posts on Shelterrific.

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this mod pink crib almost makes us want to have another one… almost


When we were looking for a crib over six years ago (gulp), finding one that had a small profile and suited our modern sensibilities was not easy — especially if we didn’t want to spend over a thousand dollars. We end up getting one from an Australian company called Baby Mod. It was low enough for a short mom like me to bend over comfortably, was a mix of white and birch wood and drawers underneath. It was nice, but nothing like this gorgeous Caravan Crib from Kalon. Now, we are not the kind of parents that doused our daughter in pink, but even we admit that this pink and maple beauty is an exception to the rule. Wouldn’t it look lovely in a room painted a pale grey? I picture a cute little felted elephant in one corner. Naturally, it’s made from green, non-toxic materials (Note: All cribs will get chewed on eventually.) and is made right here in the U.S.A. $695 at Kalon.

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#totallyrad: we’re loving the zio ziegler collection for pbteen


We love it when some of our favorite decorating sources introduce us to artists and the process behind their work (Paola Novone, for example). When we saw the new Zio Ziegler collection at PBTeen we immediately took notice. Zeigler is a graffiti-inspired San Francisco painter, whose amazingly intricate doodles swirl and fill large canvases to create punky, tribal patterns of snakes, skulls, masks and such. His collaboration with PBTeen includes bedding, backpacks and a few accessories, and honestly, you don’t have to be under 20 to appreciate it. Who wouldn’t want to tote around a backpack that looked like this? One item we think is totally Father’s Day gift-worthy are these aluminum skull bookends, $79.


Check out the collection at PBTeen or watch the video below to see Ziegler at work.

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toddler to little girl room: a tour of the bedroom makeover


With the start of the new year we decided to tackle our first home-improvement project – to convert our little girl’s room from a toddler space into something she could grow into for the next ten years. We had a few key goals. One, create a workspace for her to do crafts and homework. Two, pick a color palette that would be pretty yet flexible as her tastes change. And three, retain a touch of fun and whimsy. Here is the final room and we are all pretty pleased with it! It’s calm, yet fun. There’s a place for everything, and it doesn’t feel crowded. Here’s what you need to know.

The bed is a Sparrow Bed from Oeuf. The walls are Benjamin Moore beacon grey. The duvet cover is from Pottery Barn Teen.


The desk and shelves are from the Container Store. We went with Elfa shelves because they hold so much, yet are aren’t a heavy piece of furniture that would weigh the room down.


The curtains are from Target. We love the little tassel details. Hot fuchsia really pops off the grey-blue walls.


The room is almost too small to be arranged any other way. The space next to the bed is tiny, yet we needed something to put books and a clock on. Chad made a small little shelf which is just perfect. (And Isadora and I have loved reading The Secret Garden, btw.)


We debated by a new, colorful chair — say from Room and Board or Land of Nod — and may still do that someday. We found this one at a local online swap meet. It was $20 and says NYC Board of Education on the bottom. We painted just the top for a “dipped” look.


Isadora’s dresser is one which used to be mine. It’s a mid-century Russel Wright and quite hefty. We love the way it looks juxtaposed against the stenciled wall. Above, squirrel portraits we bought from a store in Columbus, OH when she was born, a Willy Wonka illustration we found off eBay, and a vintage globe I’ve had for ever.

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