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neat and cheap: wrap a stick in yarn

wrapped sticks

Are we nuts, or would this deceptively simple craft be a colorful addition to your summer decor? The folks at Ohdeedoh recommend wrapping sticks in yarn as a fun and super-easy summer craft for kids. We find it appealing for craft-challenged adults as well. (Let’s just say we didn’t master the god’s-eye in Girl Scouts.) What do you think?

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garden inspiration: “miss rumphius” and “a man named pearl”



Have you seen “A Man Named Pearl” yet? It’s a documentary about an untrained horticulturist who creates a yard with topiaries that defy convention. Again and again as I watched it, I was reminded
of a story I read to my kids: “Miss Rumphius” by Barbara Cooney. In the book, a young Miss Rumphius tells her grandfather she wants to travel the world and live by the sea. He responds that she must do a third thing — make the world more beautiful. In the documentary (without giving too much away), Pearl Fryar starts out merely wanting to dispel the neighbors’ notion that he won’t keep up his yard. Along the way, he manages to make a garden — and a community — more beautiful. Find “A Man Named Pearl” on Netflix or buy it at Docurama. — Sarah L.

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play kitchen makeover: from janky to swanky



Every so often, I take a peek at Going Crafty, where the posts are not frequent, but when they do occur, they make an impact! This time around it was a “pinktastic” play kitchen picked up at a Big Lots for $20, then painted and updated — including a little on/off light in the microwave — for a little boy’s birthday. It looks as good or better as anything I’ve seen at high-end kids’ stores. Click for the DIY! — Mary T.

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