c’mon get happy: jonathan adler’s girly new bedding

There’s something about this bright, partridge themed bedding from Jonathan Alder that immediately makes us smile. It’s bold, it’s ethnic, it’s retro. Until now the master purveyor of chic has delivered mostly muted colors in traditional repeats for his bedding, but this one — called Alexander — breaks the mold. And, despite its masculine name and steep $575 price tag, duvet cover, we might even consider it for a girls room. Could it be that a line of Adler-steered teen decor is far behind? PotBarnTeen — watch out! Available at jonathanadler.com.

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post off: what furniture will you pass down to your kids?

Yesterday I read this great post on Apartment Therapy about how to chose furniture you can pass down to your kids. It reminds of the importance of good quality and classic design, and after reading it, had me looking around our house in a whole new light. I have often been envious of people who have inherited great pieces of furniture or artwork from their families. Aside from a few kitchen staples like some Corningware casserole dishes and Pyrex bowls (Thanks, Grandma!), there hasn’t been much to trickle down our way. Our current mix of furniture includes a few investment pieces — like our gorgeous red Eames chairs and a great mid century dresser set in our bedroom. I wonder if Isadora will love them like we do when she is an adult? I admit that I have been saving a few fashion pieces — Marc Jacob shoes, a Miu Miu handbag — in hopes she’ll swoon over them like I did before long.

What about you? Have you inherited any family treasures, or are you gathering your own now?

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giving into decals: one decor spelling bees buzz to life

As you may recall, we have bees on the brain this season. And while we wait for the arrival of our new hives, we are embracing all things bee-related. To help us get in the mood to make some honey, we decided to put these adorable chalkboard bee wall decals up near Isadora’s bed. Since we share the one-bedroom in our tiny cottage, the new wall decor helps to make her corner feel more like hers. She can practice writing the new words she’s learning (she has mastered “mom” and “dad”) and certainly perks things up. The best thing about decals, is that they don’t require much commitment. When we get tired of them or want to relocate them elsewhere, we will just simply peel them off without any residue remaining behind. One Decor Spelling Bees are available at RoomMatesDecor.com for $23.50. Above, you see the store’s image, below, our decals in action.

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post off: what’s your take on backyard firepits?

Last Sunday our neighbors hollered over the fences and invited us to come sit around their fire pit in the backyard. It was a chilly but gorgeous, evening with glowing skies. The kids romped around, occasionally swinging by for warming laptop pit-stops, while us grownups nursed a few beers and savored the last few hours of the weekend. Later back home, I loved the smoky smell that clung to my clothes, and I suddenly realized, fires aren’t just for winter anymore!

Before we rush out to HomeDepot to pick up one of our own, or invest in something as stunning as the Daze ($689 from Haskell), above, I’d love to get your take on backyard fire pits.

So tell me, fire pit owners: Are they safe? Where’s the best place to put them — on the grass? On a patio? And most importantly, what’s the secret to making perfect, gooey s’mores? ;-)

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road trip! quirky apps for quirky stops

There was an upside to our move to (and back from) Chicago last summer: road trips! Having done one cross-country move previously that was all business (as in, drive from Cincinnati to Seattle in just four days), we decided to take our time in our trip back to the Midwest and see a few sites along the way. I knew there were a few places we wanted to stop, like Yellowstone and Deadwood (we’re fans of the short-lived TV series), but otherwise, we used apps to tell us what was nearby as we drove, and stopped when it sounded fun. We like odd destinations, so we relied on two iPhone apps the most: Best Road Trip Ever! and Roadside America. Which one would I recommend? Well, both.

I have been a huge fan of Roadside America since the wee days of the internet, and for the most part, their app does not disappoint. You’ll pay to see more, however — the Roadside America app breaks the U.S. into seven regions. You can choose one region for $2.99. If you want to see all of them, you’ll pay an additional $5.99 (or $1.99 ala carte). The upside of the Roadside America app is that you can find a lot of interesting backstory on many of the destinations — for instance, I would never have thought to go a few miles off track to visit FAST Corp in Sparta, Wisconsin, but thanks to a story on Roadside America, that became one of the highlights of our trip (more on that in a later post).

Where Best Road Trip Ever! takes the lead for us was not only cost — 99 cents gets you the whole shebang — but also its connectivity and easy navigation. We did a lot of driving through mountainous Montana and middle-of-nowhere South Dakota, and we found that even when our mobile coverage was spotty, Best Road Trip Ever! connected more regularly. It also seemed to have more immediate “Here’s what’s close to you right now” options than the Roadside America app. I also like that it lets you mark the places you’ve visited or save future stops in a “Wanna Go!” section. Let’s put it this way: I’m not convinced we would have found Evel Kneivel’s grave, a hilltop park filled with giant dinosaurs built in the 1930s, or an enormous statue of the Green Giant without Best Road Trip Ever! helping us out. And for that, we are grateful.

Next up: reports on some of those weird and wonderful places we visited.

Best Road Trip Ever! art via Propaganda3.


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