30 days of halloween: kid’s cat bath wrap

We’re clearly big believers in holiday-themed decor, but we might have to draw the line at a Halloween-themed shower curtain. But a spooky black cat wrap around towel? Where’s the adult size?! Those of us with little ones know the beauty of wrap bath towels. Sometimes the only thing that can lure your water-wrinkled tot out of the tub is the promise of being draped in a costume-like towel. This lovely black cat towel will make every day Halloween. And after all, isn’t that the point? On sale for $15 at

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steal this idea: installing a screen door for kid’s room

We spotted a few great ideas in the Houzz home tour of Brian Gibb and photographer Misty Keasler, a creative Texas couple who have figured out how to have little ones and show off their love of quirky art. The one we loved the most is putting a screen door on a kid’s room. As anyone who has ever tried to get a little one to sleep knows, sometimes the lights go off, sometimes they stay on. Sometimes the door is closed, sometimes it stays open a crack. In our house, this latter option never works, because our puppy Cupcake takes that as invitation to enter, and he doesn’t go to sleep quite as early as our girl. Solution? Interior screen door. Pretty wooden ones like the one in the photo above are available at Home Depot. They’re affordable, lightweight, and paintable. What’s best is that they allow you to keep the room contained — no unwelcome pets or siblings wondering in — while allowing light and air to circulate. Genius!

What do you think: Would you install an interior screen door anywhere in your house? Kid’s room? A home office?

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not just for college kids: umbra turns any table into a ping pong table

When we bought our house there was a ping pong table in the attic. It was assembled up there and the only way to get it down was to saw it in half. I knew we had to remove it make use of the potential third floor space, but I was sad to see it go. Something about table tennis brings out the kid in me. I always wanted a table of my own and was jealous of kids who had them in their basements. That is why I’m so excited by the Umbra’s Pongo Portable Ping Pong set. It turns any smooth surface into a ping pong table — no mounting required. Its weighted net can be propped up on any table up to 72″ — anywhere you may want to have an impromptu match! Designed by Stephan Copeland, it comes with ping pong paddles with retractable handles, portable net, two ping pong balls (though you know you’ll want more) and drawstring pouch for storage and transport. Available at, $40.00.

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pretty crafty: todd oldham’s kids craft projects at target

I had been reading about Todd Oldham’s new craft kits at Target on some of my favorite moms’ blogs, and finally decided to pick one up the other day for Isadora and me to try. They’re by his new line, called Kid Made Modern, and I think I’m in love. True, you could hit up Michael’s and piece these kits together on your own, but the Kid Made Modern ones save you time, come with cool ideas, and are packaged so smartly you’ll want to save the box to make something else. We picked up a DIY board book kit, and even though the age on the front said six years and up, our four year old had no problem getting the hang of it. I stayed close to assist in any scissoring that needed to be done, but we quickly created two books on our own. Inside the kit is fun sticky paper in sparkly and photo patterns. You can cut out a night sky, clouds, crazy, woodland creatures… anything that floats your boat. It also as a set of markers and three blank board books. The price was $15, and the fun lasted a couple of days. I’m definitely going to make this our go-to kids birthday gift now. What’s not to love about them!

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esty find: whale tissue box holder

Not sure what it’s like in your house, but summer means allergy season where I live. Sneezes pop up in long sequences that can rattle the house. That means you’ll find a box of tissues in just about every room. We buy them in bulk at Costco, so they’re not the prettiest things you’ve ever seen. I spotted this adorable marine buddy over at yesterday and it instantly made me smile. Perfect for Isadora room’s, this chartreuse whale has a tissue spout and is always in a good mood. $40 at from Etsy via Gnome Sweet Gnome.

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