april fools gags we wish were real

Okay, we get that every holiday is an excuse to push new themed products and market your goods in a festive way. But the cruel thing about April Fools is that we actually saw some “gag” products that got us excited. First up, this “solid” gold pillow from Land of Nod. It looks like it’s made of metallic corduroy, perhaps with a touch of disco sparkle, and it completely appeals to our 70’s rec room decorating roots. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist (not even for $24,198).

The other email that got us jazzed was this one below from Warby Parker, makers of urban cool eye-wear that get shipped right to your home.

They one upped the ante but not just sending out a joke email, but making a whole site intended to fool us: Warby Barker, glassed for dogs. In additional to normal specs (choose from colors like Spiced Muton and Gravy Burst), there’s even a doggy monocle. You can click on a frame to “see them in action” on a dog. When you try to put them in a cart, you get the message below.

Wow. Color us impressed with the work that went into that! In the end, they encourage you to donate to the Humane Society. Good thing, cause we were about to go find an optometrist for our dogs.

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trend spotting: rooms with slides

There’s a youthful exuberance hitting the high-end decor market: Designers are putting slides in rooms. And not just for kids: This luxury NY real estate ad featured a swanky apartment with a twisty slide that is more bachelor pad than play room. The Novogratz, always an inspiration when it comes to whimsical home decor for families, created this vibrant rainbow staircase with slide. Our favorite though, comes from set designer Samuel P Murray who made this lively space (above, bottom image). Still, as much was we love the idea of adding a little “wheeeeeee” into our daily lives, this seems like a frivolous undertaking. What’s the shelf life a slide? Five years, tops?

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want it now: good manners flash cards

Forget decorating a nursery, I want these flash cards for my bedroom! From etsy user loopzart, this set of 15 flash cards serves as friendly reminders to how to be a better person including: “Read a Book,” “Say Please,” and “Be Kind.” From Hong Kong, loopzart’s store is filled with sweet, bold prints, calendars, and flashcards that are as colorful as candy. Not only are they cute, they are also a bargin. Art prints hover around $8 to $15 depending on size- perfect price points for collecting a series and turning a plain wall into a mini gallery. Besides, I dare you to try to find a more adorable print of the Thing.

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how’d we miss this? spaghetti hot dogs!



Good old Facebook, the place where I (disturbingly) get more and more of my first news reports, and where a friend just hipped me to this hilarious hot dog dish, which a Livejournal thread), but there’s a great post and photos at Filth Wizardry, where they take it to the next level with carrots and ham. Would you make this dish for adults? How would you serve it? — Mary T.

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showin’ off: our new pbteen bean bag (a.k.a. groovy dog bed)


I’ve been thinking about getting a Furlicious bean bag from PB Teen for ages… and finally bit the bullet the other week. I was worried that it would make our living room seem too dormy or juvenile. But then I realized that with a four-year old and a puppy in the house, it was nearly impossible to have “mature” decor anyhow! Actually, it was Isadora who tipped the scale towards buying the bean bag. There’s a bookstore in our neighborhood that has one tucked in the kids’ corner, and whenever we go there we get so cozy reading that it’s hard to leave. Sure, she would have preferred a purple polka dotted variation, but I thought this faux flokati monster would match our brown leather couch, orange Saarinen chair and shag rug better. Since I seem to spend more time sitting on the floor than furniture these days, it is already getting a ton of use. Isadora “loves it” and the puppy… well, see for yourself. I dare say it’s the best $180 I’ve spent in a long time. — Angela M.

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