etsy find: dogs playing pirate


Seriously, what’s not to love about this print? The colors are fun, the dogs are great and the penguin? Come on. If I hadn’t just purchased a vintage bird illustration from Etsy seller SurrenderDororthy, this puppy would be mine. $23.89 for the 7″x9″ print dated 1927. The good news if you miss out on this one? SurrenderDorothy has 280 other children’s storybook prints to look through. — Sarah L.

birdhouses in a snap from tweet tweet home


Our yard has exploded into spring: the magnolia tree is blooming, the grass is out of control, and currently, the avian philharmonic has taken up an artist in residence position. I love those cute critters — but to discourage them from nesting in the rafters, I think a few well-placed birdhouses would be a smart addition to our yard. Enter Tweet Tweet Home; flatpack, easily assembled birdhouses crafted from recycled plastic. These birdie bungalows snap together without glue or nails, and are available in two shapes and a wide array of colorful designs here for $8.95 each, at Click to Shop. — Megan B.
Via Better Homes and Gardens

mother’s day idea: kids’ art becomes modern art


Your child’s art may already be suitable for framing, but The Great Remember makes it official. They arrange for a photographer to shoot your child’s work, then the company will turn it into a surprisingly attractive mosaic. Of course, it’s not free: mosaics start at around $150 and go up to $380, with the option of having the final work printed on canvas for an additional fee. For even more nostalgia, send in special or outgrown clothes and The Great Remember will turn them into an appliqued piece (starting at $200). There’s also a selection of Mother’s Day gifts. And if you place an order now through 4/25, you can use coupon code MD15 to save 15%.

outdoor organizing: decluttering the yard stash

yard stash

After reading reviews for RubberMaid storage sheds for the kids’ bikes, I’m on the hunt for something that doesn’t leak. Enter the YardStash. At 78” long, 32” deep and 62” high, it should be able to fit two bikes and scooters easily. And at $99 (plus $19.95 shipping), it’s less than half the price of the hardware store option. While I certainly have bad memories of leaking tents from camping trips, in theory, it seems like this could work. My husband, however, is convinced it’ll end up in Kansas. Anyone tried it? Got a better idea? — Sarah L.

not for the weak minded: death star cookie jar


There’s a whole world of pop culture that my kids are just now nearing the age to take in. Key word: nearing. (The oldest came home from book character day saying that one friend had dressed as another friend’s dad. It was like pulling taffy to figure out one boy came as Luke and the other as Darth Vader, at which point, it made perfect sense.) So while the Death Star cookie jar is still a little bit beyond them, there’s still something pleasing about the gray goodness of the thing. 12 x12” and $49.99 from the geniuses at thinkgeek. — Sarah L.