weekend diy: for the birds

seed ornament 1

Spotting this fun, easy, do-it-yourself project over at Saltwater Kids was perfect timing. I’m hibernating from the arctic chill currently rattling my windowpanes and have officially run out of anything worth watching in my Netflix instant watch queue. Bored, cold, and struck with cabin fever, I’m planning on putting my down time to good use this weekend and making these bird seed ornaments which will be a Valentine to my backyard feathered friends. Check out the easy, cheap (around $3 for all the supplies!) tutorial at Saltwater Kids complete with gorgeous pictures. — Katie D.

blue canary in the outlet by the light switch…

bluecanary dark

If you’re fans of They Might Be Giants, you’re now humming the song “Birdhouse In Your Soul.” Well, I have a secret to tell: now you can have your very own glowing little friend who watches over you from the outlet, too. The Blue Canary Night Light was created by Brock Tice in homage to the song (and for his new daughter). You can read about it here or here, not to put too fine a point on it. But what really will put a bee in your bonnet is that you can purchase the Blue Canary Night Light at Amazon for $14.99. And even if you don’t want one for yourself, read the Amazon reviews. They are nearly as entertaining as TMBG themselves! — Mary T.

the pink elephant in the room: personalized baby prints


Three years is a very long time to put off something, especially when that something is a personalized birth print that you’ve been dying to order and hang in your only child’s bedroom. Cue severe mom guilt. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we just celebrated her 3rd birthday last week, or that I found out that I’m pregnant with her brother or sister, or that I stare at the blank wall above her bed every day, but I am FINALLY getting my order in. I fell in love with these illustrated prints by Swedish artist Isabelle Norman Sällström the moment I saw them. Don’t worry, she prints in English, too, and delivers to many places around the world. Just thought I’d pass along her website in case there are any other, ahem, guilty procrastinators out there. — Ginny F.

fun with tupperware: bang-yao liu’s ‘plastic city’

plastic city

Taiwan artist Bang-yao Liu created ‘Plastic City’, a brightly colored rendering of the urban landscape of Shanghai made up of plastic bins. Bang-yao combed Shanghai’s marketplace for plastic products to create the thriving, constantly developing city. It’s fun to see the usually utilitarian household staples get a high octane makeover. The city itself is a ‘Where’s Waldo’ of products and made up of garbage cans, toilet brushes, coat hangers, broom brushes, traffic cones, and laundry baskets. The piece is charming and fun — it’s impossible not to crack a smile looking at the pictures! So why create a mini Shanghai out of plastic? According to Bang-yao, “Life is short and the world is so colorful.” Use ‘Plastic City’ as inspiration for erecting your own scale model metropolis: it would be an incredibly fun and imaginative project with kids! -– Katie D.

steal this idea: under the table playhouse


Second only to the arrival of the occasional discarded refrigerator box, playing house in self-made forts was my favorite way to while away my childhood hours. Little Sarah would have loved (and probably ravaged) the Color Me House, and she definitely would have had a ball with this playhouse under the table, expertly crafted by Jean of The Artful Parent. The custom design would surely save time in hauling out and folding away would-be fort linens, and the craft itself would be a fun and creative project for kids and adults alike. –Sarah C.