whimsical and stylish dog feeders from cheengoo



Remember my enthusiasm for the Lollipop Pottery mugs? (Still have them, still love them.) Well, now my dogs could also enjoy their morning chow in similar style. Cheengoo has two exclusive pet bowl designs in the unmistakable Lollipop style. I still love those monsters! And if those bowls aren’t your bag, there is a nice assortment of other products for those looking to upgrade doggie (and kitty) dishes. — Mary T.

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swank swim: the fish hotel


I grew up in a house full of pets — cats, dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs — and all left fur on our couches! When I left my small Connecticut town to attend college in big-city Boston, sadly, I left the menagerie behind. The most I was allowed in my tiny dorm room was a single beta fish. Had I known about the Fish Hotel by Teddy Luong, my fish would have had some higher-class digs to match my higher education. A student at Carlton University’s School of Industrial Design, Luong designed the gorgeously modern fish bowls to be stackable. Since we’re right in the thick of graduation season, why not send your favorite student off to college with an aquatic friend in swanky digs? — Katie D.

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swimming with the dogs

Only the truly dog-devoted will understand: one of the best things about warmer weather is getting to watch your dog swim. This past weekend, we took our dogs on an inaugural summer lake outing, along with brand-spankin-new Wubbas. These simple, floating retrieval toys are the absolute hit at the dog park — so much so, other dogs will ignore their tennis balls and try to retrieve our dogs’ Wubbas instead. My theories on why dogs love them: they have not one but two balls to chew, and they have a big, flying tail that makes them super visible (and probably looks like some kind of bird). I also want to give this Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper a try. Oh, and we do plenty of plain old Tuff Balls retrieval, too — oversized to fit our mastiffs’ giant mouths! — Mary T.

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UPDATE: effort cancelled help with the oil spill cleanup: donate nylons, pet fur, human hair (no, really)

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this well intentioned effort did not pan out. After review, it was decided that it wasn’t feasible. You can read more in this LA Times story supplied by a reader.


Get out those Furminators — it’s for a good cause! If you’re like us, you’re pretty sick over the Gulf oil spill. I was looking up ways to help today when I stumbled across Matter of Trust, who are encouraging you to donate pet and human hair to their Excess Access program. The reason is simple and brilliant: hair naturally collects oil, so all that excess hair, along with nylon stockings, is woven into mats that are used to help clean up oily water and shores. I am so on board with this idea! Our dogs are getting groomed pronto! Learn more right here. — Mary T.

Photo by Flickr member Maia C

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kinda genius: the sureflap microchip cat flap

Pet doors can be a two-way street: a great option for your pets but a convenient entrance for a neighborhood raccoon interested in a self-guided tour of your digs. But while perusing Unplggd recently, I came across this gem of a gadget: the SureFlap Cat Flap. Using the radio frequencies associated with the microchip already in your cat (or small dog), the door is able to recognize your pet and unlocks only when they’re prepared to use it, keeping unwanted party-crashing to a minimum. As one veterinarian notes on the SureFlap site, mounting it in a wall can also be a foolproof way to separate indoor cats at meal times. So what do you think, readers? Is it time to upgrade? — Sarah C.

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