post off: do you buy holiday gifts for your pets?

Growing up, it always drove my Dad nuts when we opened a box of packages and there was a Christmas gift for our dog. It’s not that he didn’t care for our pets — he made our ducks a pond from the ancient tub he tore out of our 1840s house one year and, to this day, he still stops at the butcher shop to pick up bones for his dog as a special treat — but Christmas was and is a people day to him. With a new pup at home, I have to admit Bauer is not on our Christmas list. However, there may be a bone or two on the grocery list for him. Do you give holiday gifts to your pets? — Sarah L.

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spoil your dog with a designer hanging feeder


I live in an apartment entirely too small to house the dog I intend to someday own, but that hasn’t stopped me from finding just the right accessories for my pooch. I’ve already got the leash in mind, but now I’m obsessing over these amazing designer hanging feeders from These Creatures. Not only do these funky feeders provide a stylish and ergonomic dining station for your dog, but a percentage of the company’s profits goes to the support of animal rescue organizations that make the world a better place for animals and the people who love them. Now I just need to convince them to create a Vizsla version. —Erica P.

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crypton william wegman apron: we have winners!

The random number generator has spoken! Congratulations to the winners of the Crypton Fabrics giveway: you’ve each won a Gipsy Doodle Dog Apron in pink, designed by William Wegman.

Melissa, who says: “I LOVE the dog harness vests! I have two small dogs, and they need harnesses instead of collars when we go on walks (delicate necks don’t do well with pulling collars!) These look terrific!”

Sarah, who says: “I like the Wiltshire Pillows. Very sophisticated.”

Katie, who likes, “hands down, the Throvers. Fantastic.”

Wendy, who agrees, saying: “Crypton Throvers are my favorite products from the website.”

And Ellie, who shares the Throvers love, saying: “I’d want a Throver to protect my car from my own doodle dog. And their designer totes would make a great gift for any new moms this year.”

Congrats to our winners (we’ll be in touch) and thanks again to Crypton Fabrics for the giveaway!

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post off: how do you say goodbye to a pet?


Our dog Buster recently passed away after nearly 17 years as the star of our family. My dad named his home brew after him, my mom shared an omelet with him every morning, and I even took him to college with me once for a wild weekend where a piece of pizza literally fell from the sky onto the street right in front of him (which I thought was a pretty good canine equivalent of what college can be like). I know that somewhere in dog heaven, Mr. B is smiling down on us with his neverending bowl of tomato sauce (his favorite food), but it’s still hard to adjust to the new everyday without him here. Our vet wrote a kind note and a family friend has even offered to immortalize the B Boy in a painting like the one shown of her own beloved dog. We greatly appreciated these gestures and are looking for more creative and meaningful ways to remember him. So tell me: how do you say goodbye to a beloved pet? — Sarah C.

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find your leash at found my animal


I have serious puppy lust. I can’t walk past a dog on the street without my heart going into full on meltdown mode. Spotting Found My Animal collars and leashes is not going to make this an easier. The beautiful rope leads are exactly my style. I’m almost considering buying one and putting it away until my doggy day finally comes. The best part about Found My animal is this: 25% of ALL their profits go directly to the Louis Animal Foundation, a unique non-profit group dedicated to spaying/neutering and providing homes for animals who have not yet “found” their people. –Erica P.

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