have you used the fur fighter?

If I have one true love in this world, it’s Pomeranians — black, white, orange, yappy, quiet, skinny, or a tad overstuffed, I coo at all of them. Best of luck trying to walk your pet Pomeranian down the same sidewalk as me! I’ve been reluctant to commit to adopting my very own for a number of reasons, one of which is the fur issue — their long, lush coats shed and shed often. That’s why I’m so interested in the Fur Fighter Hair Remover. According to manufacturer Scotch, the Fur Fighter removes embedded pet fur that sneaks past the vacuum. There’s a version for upholstery and one for car interiors, both with money-back guarantees. Scotch is so sure they’ve created a miracle product, they’re offering a starter kit (worth $5.99) for the cost of shipping and handling alone.

So, how about it: Have you shaken paws with the Fur Fighter? Is it heaven-sent for humans or just another pet-related gimmick? –Katie D.

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book excerpt and giveaway: barking buddha


Have you heard about “Doga” — practicing yoga with your dog? The method was developed by Brenda Bryan at the request of the Humane Society — each class is part relaxation, part fun, and all about bonding with your dog.

We recently received a copy of Bryan’s book Barking Buddha: Simple Soul Stretches for Yogi and Dogi from The Mountaineers Books to give away to you! To enter, tell us about your dog in comments (Who doesn’t love talking about her dog?) by 5 p.m. EST Tuesday, July 28. When comments close, we’ll choose a winner using a random number generator. Be sure to leave a working email address in the email field so we can get in touch with you if you win.

Click for an excerpt from Barking Buddha so you can try a simple Doga pose at home! (more…)

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i tried flushable dog poo bags


Am I obsessed with dog poo? You might think so, but the truth is, when you have two mastiffs who weigh as much as the average human, you spend a lot of time cleaning up the output. That’s why I was so excited to find Fido’s Flushables at a street fair over the weekend. I bought a starter set of 25 bags for $6.95 after founder Tracey Fleisher assured me that they’ve been tested even with very large dogs. The Fido’s Flushables bag feels a bit like plastic, but they’re not made from plastic or even the same material as a non-flushable biodegradable bag. Fido’s Flushables are made of Poly Vinyl Alcohol, a water-soluble material that breaks down quickly and completely and is even safe for septic.

Unfortunately, my first try with flushing a loaded bag wasn’t exactly stellar. I followed directions as advised and only used one deposit, but it still proved to be a bit much. It didn’t clog up, but it didn’t go down, either. Only after letting the bag, er, dissolve a bit did everything flush away. My second try worked like a charm — tossed it in, flushed, and it was gone forever! I think the key with big dogs is that you have to be sure it’s not too wide of a load. (Are you loving my euphemisms here?) For regular-size or small dogs, I don’t think you’ll have a problem at all. Here’s what Fleisher had to say:

I did have a customer say that she dumps hers in first out of the bag and then throws the bag in on top of it. She mentioned that the large load (195# Great Pyrenees) had a tough time flushing because it was larger than the drain hole and with human waste, the waste separated while flushing and the bagged dog waste could not do that. This is not my preferred method, but may be necessary. Also, please remember, that for any reason, the bags are 100% Guaranteed! But I would like to see you be able to use them of course.

Regardless, if you want to be able to pick up the poo without having to revisit it every time you open your trash can, I recommend Fido’s Flushables. I should mention that the bags should not be used for cat waste as water treatment facilities aren’t equipped to deal with what that might contain. Learn more here. –Mary T.

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wow: “new vintage” animal prints by chad otis

I am just loving Chad Otis’ amazing animal prints. Though they look like vintage food and alcohol advertisements, they’re actually new art that Otis creates featuring his favorite dogs. You can view the hounds, terriers, and labs at Otis’ site, Otis New Vintage, where he’ll soon be adding a poll so you can vote on which breed you’d like to see him paint next. Prints of his existing work are available now at Imagekind, starting at about $19, where a portion of profits benefit the ASPCA. I can’t wait to see what he does next. –Mary T.

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a possible solution to my cat-on-couch dilemma

Remember my quest for leather sofa help a few months back? Well, our old girl the kitty is still hanging in there, and so is our sofa, though recently things have gotten a bit more problematic. Our second cat has decided it’s just not fair that Griffin has made the couch her domain, so he’s tried once or twice to make it into his litter box. Sigh! I am not kidding when I tell you that I am ready to staple together a couple of plastic shower curtains as a cover and call it a day, but this new Pet Couch Cover from Sure Fit has me intrigued. It’s available online beginning July 10 and will be in Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target in the fall. Our friends at Sure Fit tell me that the fabric is washable, like every Sure Fit cover, is backed to stand up fairly well to moisture, and because it’s quilted and made to handle pets, it looks like it could keep the claw marks on the leather to a minimum while not looking completely terrible on our sofa. The price is right, too — Just $30 for a regular size and $50 for a larger size. Thanks for the tip, Sure Fit! –Mary T.

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