astronaut kids bedding we love: houston, we have bedtime!

Does your kid gaze up projected stars on the ceiling, dreaming of galactic travel to far away universes? Or perhaps you wish you deploy some anti-gravity techniques when it comes to cleaning up toy messes? We fell for these Astronaut bed sheets that we discovered via BoredPanda. The photo-printed linens feature an actual astronaut’s suit that was on display in the Museum Space Expo in Noordwijk, Holldand. Available at Snurk for 60 Euros. Of course, you might need to install mirrors on the ceiling to enjoy the full effect. One small step for mom, one giant leap for bedtime!

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what every stylish round table needs: bright oval place mats from chilewich’s spring collection

We love our round dining room table. It’s warm and friendly and lends itself to easy conversation. One thing dilemma it causes us though: what kind of placemat to use. Square ones just don’t work — they leave too much space and look sloppy. Circles are better, but not perfect. In the past, we’ve customized placemats ourselves cutting out odd shapes that fit exactly. Now we have found the perfect solution: Chilewich’s oval placements, bright egg-shaped backdrops for your dishes. And, they’re new spring colors are especially vibrant. It’s nice to see one of our favorite brands pushing away from their safety zone of neutrals. Don’t these turquoise ones look gorgeous against the bright orange Eames chair? Perfect for the modern chic dining room –with every day ease and cleanup! For more info and to see other colors, visit

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vintage chairs ready for the dip-effect

Could someone buy these chairs please? They’re on sale now at Three Potato Four, a set of four for $165. They are the perfect style and size to create the faux “dip” look we love so much. Why don’t you buy them and fix them up yourself? We would, but we just don’t have the room!

Click here for some color inspiration on how you can transform them into something mod and wonderful.

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chico & dog’s beds: a love story

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we’re thinking of all the ways to show how much we love you to those in our lives that deserve it most. That’s right, we’re talking about our pets. Who else looks at us with such pure devotion? Warms our feet on cold nights or sits by our side all day when we are sick? Muddy foot prints forgiven, there are few things more sweet than our pooches.

Karina and Carlos Mendez, a couple of doggy parents behind the new store Chico & Dog, feel the same way. A nurse and an industrial designer, they put the kind of attention into products that makes our hearts swell: attention to detail plus smart nurturing. Their dog beds are so stylish and comfy — complete with washable bed covers, pillows and even mini pillows — not only will you not mind looking at them every day, but your dog will instinctively appreciate them as well. Starting at $107, they are only slight more expensive than the traditional Dr Fosters variety, but way, way cooler. Also available for those pet parents blessed with more than one pooch: the MultiLeash which helps you walk up to four dogs at once.

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decor slueth: we hunted down the land of nod london wallpaper

I wish catalogs would credit everything in a photograph the way that magazines do. Why do they tease with perfect, real-life settings for their products and not fully arm us with the how-tos on creating the look ourselves. Case in point: This insanely adorable room from Land of Nod, above. Yes, I know how to get the gorgeous red Jenny Lind bed and the vibrant black-and-white storage trunk, but what I have really been obsessed with is that wallpaper! Not only am I leaning towards a black-and-white pattern for our bedroom wall, I’m hopeless romantic about the London skyline. I lived there on and off through the years, and my heart always swells a bit when I see the Eye, Big Ben, or even the Gherkin. I’m pleased to report that after some Googling I found the source — Graham & Brown. I should have known that the makers of the hippest, prettiest wallpapers were behind this one. It’s called Londinium and it was made to commemorate the Olympics last summer. Wallpaper is not a light a commitment, so I ordered a sample to look at.

Are you on the hunt for anything you’ve seen uncredited in a catalog, magazine or tv show? Let us know and we’ll help you track it down!

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