possibily genuis? minimalist japanese dog gate

It didn’t take us long to realize that our puppy Cupcake could get over just about any dog gate we set up in the house. He looks at those top rails and doesn’t see a deterrent, but a challenge. He manages to scramble up and over them in minutes. I am not entirely sure that Bow, a dog crate system from the Japanese retailer Replus would contain him, but it sure is a lot prettier than the unsightly offerings at nearby pet stores. Also, I’m thinking that the absence of an upper rail would make it harder for him to climb over. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a place in the states that sells it. Perhaps there’s an industrious distributor out there that would like to bring to American dog owners like me? Click here to see more pictures and tell me if you think it’d work on your pooches.

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steal this idea: vintage mirror collection

While buying a crazy cute pair of shoes from Madewell over the weekend, I was momentary distracted by a rather genius decorating idea. The shop featured a collection of wooden handheld mirrors displayed on one wall near the dressing rooms. Some were so antiqued that the glass was no longer reflective, but I thought it’d be great idea in a bedroom, a guest bathroom or perhaps an entry way — anywhere where you might want to stop to check your lipstick quickly! A quick seplace on Etsy shows that these are relatively easy to gather, with most priced under $20. Still, with spring flea market season upon us, it might be more fun to do a scavenger hunt and find your own. They key would be to find ten or so that worked well together.

Do you have any great collections you’d like to show us? We’d love to see them!

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want it now: good manners flash cards

Forget decorating a nursery, I want these flash cards for my bedroom! From etsy user loopzart, this set of 15 flash cards serves as friendly reminders to how to be a better person including: “Read a Book,” “Say Please,” and “Be Kind.” From Hong Kong, loopzart’s store is filled with sweet, bold prints, calendars, and flashcards that are as colorful as candy. Not only are they cute, they are also a bargin. Art prints hover around $8 to $15 depending on size- perfect price points for collecting a series and turning a plain wall into a mini gallery. Besides, I dare you to try to find a more adorable print of the Thing.

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etsy find: nature photos and oil landscapes

I just finished hanging crown moulding and adding taller baseboards to the master bedroom. Ouch. Definitely used muscles I haven’t used that way since the last time the husband and I tackled crown moulding together. We also took the leap and changed the walls from almost white to a warm gray NatureMandalas to hang over nightstands (I’ve raved about Allison’s work before), but still needed a small piece of art for the opposite wall. Which brings me to the oil landscapes. Although there’s lot of original oils on Etsy for under $100, Carol Schiff’s work caught my eye, especially the marsh paintings. My soft spot for watercolors remains, but I’m looking forward to adding an oil to the mix. The smaller framing cost will be a nice change, too! (Sorry, no before pictures of the bedroom. We tend to leap before I think to snap pictures. As soon as it’s finished, I’ll post some after photos.)

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ikea launches a prefab house – pinch us, we’re dreaming

How is it that no matter how carefully you try, you can never replicate the organized whimsy of Ikea’s show rooms in your home? Well, for those of you who fantasize about moving into one of those big blue and yellow box stores, here’s some news that will make your day: Ikea is launching fully-furnished pre-fab homes, called Aktiv.

Made in partnership Ideabox, each 745 square foot house comes kitted out with a full Ikea kitchen — cabinets, flooring, countertops, etc. In the bedroom, you’ll find built in closets, in the bath, two vanity sinks. About $86,500. You provide the land!

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