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want it now: maple pepper grinder


Our fancy dishes were just put away after holiday entertaining, but already we are fantasizing about new dining time accessories. These swanky pepper grinders from The Pepin Shop bring the reclaimed wood trend to tabletop. Made from naturally fallen branches (mostly from wind storms!), they are rustically gorgeous. Maybe the next time a hunking piece of tree falls in your yard you’ll look at in a new way? Maple pepper grinder, $89.

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catalogs we love: behind the scenes peek at flor


We have often gushed over Flor’s catalogs, wishing we could get a glimpse into the stylist’s mind and longing for how-to-find credits for everything we see. Now the makers behind the brand have answered our prayers and are revealing some how-tos behind their gorgeous spring 2012 catalog. What’s lovely to learn as that the shoots are done in real homes, and the amazing personal touches we drool over are just that: Personal touches that are the home owners’ own. The catalog shots are built around them and help inspire us all. Take a look at these two: The wall (top photo) as it appears in the home, and (bottom), the final catalog shot. Makes ya want to start taping old photos to a wall, doesn’t it?

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swank toy: moma modern play house


I secretly enjoy many of Isadora’s toys: The smell of Playdough. The soft comfort of a stuffed bear. The endless possibilities of a pile of wooden blocks. But one of her new toys has got me tinkering nonstop. It’s the MoMa Modern Playhouse, a clever kit that allows mom and kid alike to act out their mid century home dreams. It comes with six colorful cardboard nesting boxes, eight pieces of chic furniture and several rug or floor coverings. There are also some vinyl stickers that look like Eames clocks and lamps, but I had a hard time getting them to cling. No worries! A matching kit with a dress up family keeps our imaginations active. Created by the smart people at Chronicle books, $19. — Angela M.

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gaga for japanese design: mood humidifier & egg mold



We took a field trip to a mega Japanese supermarket, Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ the other day. It’s an enormous store complete with a food court, gift shops and a Wegmans-sized grocery store. It’s so big that it’s a little overwhelming, especially with busloads of crowds milling around. Luckily, after some Miso Ramen nourishment, we were ready to hit the aisles.

Two things made it home with us and they have already changed our lives. The first is a perfectly compact humidifier called Mood, $44. You attach a bottle of water on the top and turn up the dial — out pours a delightful mist. I’m never good with humidifiers. I hate cleaning them and never remember to change the filter. This little number should do the trick through the rest of the winter. Did I mention it glows? So cute.

My other new obsession is an egg mold. Our little girl already enjoys a hard boiled now and then, but having them shaped like bunnies and bears makes them even more appealing! To create, you peel the eggs while they’re still warm and then pop in the mold, close them, and let them cool down. My guess is it will make Isadora the star of her preschool lunch bunch. Love them! You can get your own on Amazon, for about $5.

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