kinda genuis: to-go lids to help you reuse glass jars


Just today I was feeling glass jar guilt. I saw a page in the new MSL that suggested we use them to store things like pre-chopped garlic and unused onion halves, and I thought, oh, I’ll never be that organized. I save a lot of glass jars, but except for firefly catching in the summer, they don’t get much use. This supremely clever item at Uncrate, called the Cuppow, could help me be a much more practical recycler. It’s a reusable top that acts like a coffee cup lid. Of course, pouring hot liquid into a glass jar is not the smartest way to consume your joe (ouch!) but it could be great for lemonade and iced tea in the summertime. Stick a straw in it (and repeat stern “two hands!” instructions over and over) and I’ve got a spill-proof starter glass for Isadora. Available at Uncrate, $8. — Angela M.

What do you do with your old glass jars? Send suggestions and ideas, please!

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dishing bathroom etiquette with jonathan adler



If you’re like us you are diligent about having extra rolls of toilet paper handy when guests are visiting. Nothing’s more of a horror than leaving someone high and dry (so to speak) at their moment of need. But where to put them so they’re easy to find, but not unslighlty? Chalk it up to a modern hostess’ dilemma, that hark, our man with a plan Jonathan Adler has come to solve. You might roll your eyes to hear that the fab designer has teamed up with Cottonelle to make toilet paper covers, but take a look. They’re cute!

In honor of the collaboration, Shelterrific got to ask Jonathan Adler some burning questions about his favorite bathrooms, etiquette and other sticky subjects. Read on and enjoy!

What’s the swankiest commode you’ve ever had the privilege of visiting?
Jonathan Adler: Not to be all fancy or anything, but I kinda’ love the bathrooms at Claridge’s in London. Them Brits know how to do a bathroom– kinda’ fancy, kinda’ tradish, kinda’ residential, a nice patina—and the bath fills up in approximately 13 seconds. Heaven.

Why do you think it’s important for people to “dress their rolls” for guests?
JA: I believe functionality is key when you’re decorating your house or reorganizing a space. These roll covers are a great solution for keeping that extra roll of Cottonelle Clean Care handy and make your bathroom look groovy.

Please answer the old debate: Do you display your toilet paper rolled under or over?
JA: Over, obviously. I don’t even understand people who roll under. WTF?

What three things would we always find in your bathroom?
JA: Cottonelle (obs), Barbasol shaving cream (the best!), and vats of Kiehl’s Crème De Corps.

Adlerfy your bathroom with a toilet paper roll cover of your own. Go to to order yours. There are three delightful designs to choose from. $2/roll + $2 for shipping. (If they don’t float your boat you could always pick up a little crocheted number over at Etsy. )

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look! reader makes d.i.y anthropologie “trinket” candleholders


A few weeks ago we were ooohing and ahhhhing over Anthropologie’s trinket candleholders — but gasping at their price! The one-of-a-kind pieces were assembled from found objects, but at $400 a pop they seemed a bit over priced. Surely, we can make these ourselves? we asked. And you answered! Reader Kathleen made these hot little numbers before the holidays as a gift idea. Here’s her take, below:

I made three, but forgot to photo one of them before giving as a gift! I used a Dremel tool to drill w a diamond bit. And it did end up costing about $40-50 each to make with lamp parts, drill bits, and all the other pieces needed. I would recommend using felt or rubber washers between the pieces where a nut is used to tighten the stick. I didn’t at first and the parts kept coming loose. The rubber or felt is good to conform to the trinkets w/out being so hard against the fragile ceramics. They came out great though!

$40 or $50 sure beats $400! Well done Kathleen. We’ll be hitting up spring yard sales for some appropriate trinkets soon.

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the puppy files: the cutest dog, ever?



Forgive me for not writing with a puppy update sooner. I thought that finding time to write was tough with chatty preschooler in the house: Adding a playful pooch to the mix means my distractions are on overtime! I am pleased to report that Cupcake is settling in splendidly to his new home, family and life. Since we brought him home three weeks ago, so much has happened!

Crate training is working! Thanks to all those who wrote in words of encouragement. After a few fitful nights of sleep, the puppy now settles down like clockwork when placed in his crate at bedtime. The key is take him out (I would say that the the end of the day potty trip is even harder than the early morning one) and then give him about fifteen minutes of focused play (he fetches like a master already!). After that, we simply put him in the crate, shut the lights out and he settles down until dawn.

He likes to eat everything — including things that are bad for him
. I have heard that puppies are worse than babies when it comes to sticking things in their mouths and have learned the hard way it is true. We are earnestly trying to be diligent about not dropping food on the floor — especially things like onions, grapes, raisins or chocolate which can be especially toxic to dogs. But our yard is a whole ‘nother arena! Cupcake wants to gnaw on every piece of bark, twig and dried up flower he finds. On New Year’s Eve we had a real scare: He was up all night barfing and with diarrhea. At one point, sleeping on the living room floor with him was easier than trudging up and down the stairs to our bedroom. He kept on going out until nothing was left. It didn’t dampen his spirits though, and the next day he was happy and interested in food. I made him some comfort food — white rice with poached chicken — and mixed in a little canned pumpkin. Supposedly it acts as a binding agent and “firms things up.” It seemed do the trick and in less than 24 hours he was completely back on track. I still don’t know what it was that caused him to get so sick that night. I need to do some reseplace on toxic plants, I think. (Any advice?)

Walking a puppy makes you really popular. Cupcake is seriously the happiest dog in the world. His tail is always up and wagging. He wants to say hello to every person and dog within eye, ear and nose shot. And people who would never have spoken to us before are suddenly fishing for invites to come and play. Walking down our town’s main street with Cupcake attracts so much attention, I feel famous. Yet, some resist temptation: About 80% stop and say hello or at least make eye contact, but to the 20% who don’t, you have to wonder: If puppies don’t make you smile, what does?

I could go on and on, but can’t right now. More soon on the our wonderful puppy adventures! — Angela M.

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