ebay find: replogle globes


I am not immune to the current globe and map trend. Quite the contrary, I love the idea. Finding a globe I like is another matter altogether. Any I’ve seen seem too bright (vivid blues) or too dark. I dug through my tearsheets, hoping to find inspiration and instead, realized the perfect globe was all in my head. It sat on my parent’s dresser for all of my childhood. It had an antique parchment finish and best of all, when you pulled the tiny chain, it lit the entire room in a warm amber glow. So I hopped on eBay and cue the chorus — found the Replogle lighted globe. The only problem? In the years since its production, boundaries and countries have changed and for the kid’s academic sake, I figured I should at least try and find a globe from this century. So I typed Replogle into eBay and it turns out they’re still being made in Chicago, just like they were all those years ago when my parent’s bought one. Find out more about Replogle at their site, view products and find a retailer near you. Also available online through Amazon. — Sarah L.

summer loving our “new” vintage glider


When we were looking to move from an apartment to a house, there was one thing we knew we wanted: a front porch. Now our porch has truly become the hang-out spot of our dreams thanks to a brand new “vintage” glider.

Even though wicker is big in our neighborhood, we knew we wanted something that suited our vintage mod style — and we did not want to sit still! After doing some research online and in some salvage yards, we quickly learned that fine vintage metal furniture is hard to come by. Even the most rusty pieces were hundreds of dollars. We debated buying something that needed some TLC, but sanding and refinishing it ourselves would take a little more elbow grease than we had to spare. So, where does one buy a refurbished vintage glider? Why, at vintageglider.com of course! You can browse styles on the site (ours is called “pie crust”) and order the color of your choice. Six weeks later, the UPS truck arrives with a beautiful piece. Yes, the prices is higher than a rusty one, but it does include delivery. Now that ours in in place, we are gliding and smiling every day. — Angela M.

post off: do you keep a well-stocked bar?


Growing up, our house didn’t have a bar per se, more of a shelf in the entryway closet with booze of unknown antiquity and a handful of bottles of homemade Kahlua (that I occasionally snuck from… shhh! don’t tell mom). As an adult, I’ve grown to appreciate the art of a well-made cocktail — specifically, the Negroni. I’ve taken such a liking to them, I decided to bite the bullet and stock my home bar with the components. Dry Fly Gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth are now proudly on display, along with my assortment of Fee Brothers Bitters and a couple of vintage cocktail shakers. I’m sure I’ll add more to it eventually, but for now, it’s all I need. Those bottles and shakers all arranged make me feel so fancy and grown up. How about you? Is your home bar spartan, like mine, or does it look more like the (impressive) photo above? — Megan B.

photo courtesy of flickr user Rennett Stowe

steal this idea: embroidery hoops as quick frames


The world often likes to remind me how amazingly small it is — for example, I found one of my favorite reads, Picnics in the Park, through our comments here. Greta is a regular reader here, and after reading (extensively, and with delight) through her blog one day, I recognized her and her insanely cute kiddos as some of my favorite customers from my previous workplace, some two states away!! I’m so thrilled to have re-connected with her, and am thrilled even more each day to read about her lovely life in my ol’ beach town.

Greta constantly floors me with her creative solutions for decorating on next to no budget. This week’s post on her arriving-any-day new baby’s nursery is of course no exception. She quickly whipped up a garland from a photocopied IKEA napkin with fabulous results, but I was most impressed with her picture frames: embroidery hoops! She simply glued her postcards of choice to sturdy cardstock, and then glued that to the back of the embroidery hoop. To hang, she glued a hoop of bright colored raffia to the cardstock, and tacked it to the wall. Amazingly simple, yes? And I love the art she used, too. If you like what you see, be sure to do what I do — read everyday to find even more inspiration! — Megan B.

strangely appealing: skin collection by pepe heykoop


If Buffalo Bill from “The Silence of the Lambs” made furniture, it might look like the Skin collection by designer Pepe Heykoop. By finding a use for the scraps of leather left over from furniture making, Heykoop is helping to offset the staggeringly large amount of waste produced by the industry. Each eerily-fantastic piece is unique — hand-stitched and patched leather over salvaged frames. I love the idea, but the look, though cool, might just be a bit too creepy for my home. Do they make your flesh crawl? Sound off in the comments! — Megan B.
via boingboing