site we’re psyched about: kid & coe

In case you haven’t noticed, one of our favorite pastimes is planning vacations. We secretly have as much fun thinking about where we can go and where we will sleep as actually going to them. In our spare time, we’re just as likely to spend our downtime surfing through sites like Airbnb, Home Away or Boutique-Homes.com as we are to watch a TV show. Well, there’s a new site to add to this list that is our kind of heaven: Kid & Coe is dedicated to beautiful spaces for rent that are specifically designed for families. Just because you’re traveling with a little one doesn’t mean your aesthetic sensibilities have to be left behind! All homes featured on the site are kid friendly, which means that not only do many come with toys or playrooms, but also you don’t have to fret about things being too fragile for energetic young guests. Here’s how it works. First, choose your destination from their menu of fabu places. Want to come visit us in New York City or upstate? There’s plenty to look at. But we might head to Coswalds for a cozy English countryside getaway (above). Or perhaps to a stone cottage in the South of France (below).

Once you find a place you like, use the site to contact the owner and check availability. Note: It’s not to early to start planning for next year! Many of the featured homes aren’t available until spring or summer 2014. Regardless, you can’t help but want to look through the offerings at Kid & Coe and dream.

Let us know if you book a home from them! We’d love to hear your review here. We’ll be sure to do the same.

steal this idea: clipboards to display illustrations as wall art

Every time I visit the Marie Robinson salon in the Flatiron district I come away inspired. Maybe it has something to do with walking out with a freshly shorn crop or perhaps it’s just having a half an hour to sit still and unplugged, but the place provides a creative recharge. One thing that inspires the collector in me: A display of vintage illustrations above the waiting area hung cleverly with classic office clipboards. These witty doodles were a discovery James “Ford” Huniford who designed the airy and clean interior. The clipboards make them feel light and spontaneous, as though they were portraits of other clients who recently left the couch to be shampooed. My favorite is the lady above, who looks like she has a secret. They make me want to scour the overlooked boxes of antique stores in hopes of finding my own pile of illustrations. Perhaps I’ll just use clipboards to display my five-year old’s growing pile of masterpieces. Clipboards are about $1 each, so you can afford two rows of ten or more, easily.

So tell me: What would you clip and hang?

the solution to our camper dreams? land of nod’s tent version

Yes, we covet a camper. Whether it’s one we own or rent for the night, our fantasies about capsule-size, mobile dwellings are growing. Now we can pass the obsession down to our kids, even if we are urban-bound for the moment. Land of Nod (a constant source of inspiration and whimsy) has just unveiled this adorable camper play tent by Jetaire ($199). With embroidered and patchwork details (even an awning and curtains), it looks close enough to the real thing to fuel all kinds of wilderness adventures, right in your own living room. The S’more the Merrier Campfire ($69) is sold separately, but so chic, we recommending having on display full time in your non-working fireplace (if you have one).

roadtrip dreams inspired by: helene cornell’s refab vintage trailer

It’s no secret that we have a love for mini mobile homes. We often fantasize about packing it all in and having a grand road trip across this great country (and maybe our northern-ly neighbor’s as well) with little more than a car, some good music, and of course, a gorgeously designed camper trailer (a Cricket will do). Since that is not exactly possible, we love the idea of renting one, even if just for night or two, to get a feel for the roaming life. This is why our hearts instantly sang when we saw Helene Cornell, who is part of the American Express #PassionProject. Helene renovates vintage trailers and then turns them into groovy accommodations available by airbnb.com. Helene has to adorable ‘canned hams’ from the late 50′s, and the third is a shiny aluminum twenty foot Airstream from the 70′s. All lovingly restored and are parked on her property in San Diego, CA.

Check out the Amex Video about Helene below. It might just inspired your own #passionproject.

you tell us: wall textures – yay or nay?

There’s something pure and lovely about a white wall, but it just can feel a little, well, flat. WallArt, a Dutch design company, has come up with a way to spruce up any room with its textured wall panels. They’re installed more or less like tiles — you apply adhesive to the back of the squares and the apply them to a clean, flat wall. (Click here for an instructional video). WallArt is made from a 100% eco-friendly product called bagasse, which is a fibrous material that is usually discarded after the sugar making process. The 3D designs come in waves, squares, bubbles and dozen or so other shapes. Once attached, they can be painted any color you would a wall. We like the idea of doing just a portion of a wall, like above a bed or the bottom half as a sort of mod-wainscoting. Now, if only they could add sound insulation to them and then they’d be the perfect thing to put in a nursery.

What do you think: Wall textures — yay or nay?