that’s it! i’m getting a new ice cream maker

new ice cream maker!

I was all set to write a real life test kitchen for you guys, a delicious sounding gelato recipe made with the most luscious black cherries and mascarpone cheese. But, after getting the base all ready to go and poured into my fully-chilled-for-two-weeks ice cream bowl, it never set properly. So instead of creamy gelato heaven bursting with cherry goodness, I got chunky cherry ice. Don’t get me wrong — the flavor was great, and I’m sure it’s a great recipe, but getting the “custard” below freezing is just not possible when it is 78 degrees in my house with my system. So I’ve decided I’m upgrading, dammit! To the DeLonghi Gelato maker. It’s got an internal compressor so there aren’t huge bowls to pre-freeze that will later occupy precious freezer space, which reserves room for the pints and pints I’ll be churning continuously. I’ve seen it’s magic in action, churning the silkiest sorbet in a 85 degree kitchen without a hitch. It’s so effective that I may just have to start my own ice cream empire! –Megan B.

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strangely appealing: the you stuff it cargo chair


When you just have too much stuff for your bookshelves and closets to contain, get the “You Stuff It Cargo Chair”, by designer Stefan Schulz, and cram it with your overflow. The basic wire structure is designed to be filled with whatever your heart desires. I love the look of the firewood stacked inside, but the rest of the options look far to cluttered for my eye. I wonder about the comfort factor of that wire frame, too…. But I guess If you used enough stuffed animals, it would cushion the blow? — Megan B.

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site we’re psyched about:


If you thirst for real, lived-in design you may have heard of photographer and blogger Todd Selby. If you haven’t, click on over to, his well-edited and superbly photographed homage to the people he finds interesting and the homes they create around themselves. Disinterested in the “rich and boring” and those who’ve paid professionals to create an instant existence, Selby seeks out creative types; artists, designers, intellectuals, writers and actors whose spaces tell their stories genuinely. And people seem to like it. Since its launch in 2008, the curated encyclopedia of hip living has exploded in popularity and inspired a book, The Selby Is in Your Place, packed with the same alluring cocktail of celeb fabulosity and eclectic design uploaded weekly at the site. The New York Times chronicled his process, which concludes with subjects completing a survey in marker that accompanies their moment. For a refreshing break from glossy design titles, The Selby is not to be missed. — Sarah C.

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post off: do you design with pets in mind?


Last week The New York Times ran an interesting article about the changing landscape of home design as it relates to pets. While many of us stick to purchasing cute pet supplies and accessories, some pet owners are integrating design elements that cater to their pets as well as their aesthetic to create a happy environment for everyone under the same roof. From a custom staircase for cats to a secretary desk transformed into a feeding station, many of the featured projects provide chic solutions to common problems (where to place bowls so all pets aren’t eating the same food, how to conceal a litter box, etc). We never made any major renovations when our dog was alive, so we didn’t do much in the way of actively designing for him, but we did make certain changes (adding a custom cushion to his bed for weary bones, buying him a NAP blanket from Brookstone, showing him how to use a pull out stool so he could watch my mom make dinner) that made him feel like a part of the family. Do you design with your pets in mind? – Sarah C.

Photo by Ko Sasaki for The New York Times. View the full slideshow here.

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sharing the literary love: frameable author art

seuss beer

Leave it to Dr. Seuss and Maurice Sendak to create ads that were every bit as charming as their books. You can find the Dr. Seuss Narragansett Beer poster at, as well as one he did for war bonds featuring the aptly named Squander Bug. There’s also one by Maurice Sendak that promotes Freedom to Read that has me singing “Chicken noodle soup with rice.” Don’t have $1500 lying around to spend on a poster by a favorite author? M+E has a new line of posters featuring homes of famous authors, including Poe, Emily Dickinson and Flannery O’Connor. — Sarah L.

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