weekend diy: pop-up photo diorama

pop up photo diaroma

I love this DIY from Photojojo detailing how to make a 3-D photo diorama! It worked well enough for ‘Avatar’, why not your photo album, too? With a few printed photos, a pair of scissors and some glue, you can make a sweet, creative gift for someone or a fun rainy day project — especially if you take their suggestion and decide to “impress friends with a photo of you and Justin Bieber in front of Niagara Falls!” I have to go get working on my pop-up photo project: Lady Gaga and me at Disney World. — Katie D.

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strangely appealing: inanimate character stickers

inanimate stickers 1 copy
inanimate stickers 3

I never had that clawing want to be a Disney princess when I was younger but I did wish (upon a star) that my clocks and feather duster would come to life to sing and dance for me a la ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (or maybe, at least, my pen could come to life and finish my homework). That dormant need still lingers and, thanks to the good folks at Think Geek, can be (sort of) realized. The Inanimate Character Stickers anthropomorphize your home and office by adding eyes, mouths, and adorable expressions to your boring desktop staples. I love that there are both good and evil options in the sticker pack ($4.99) in case your water bottle and coffee mug get in a turf war. Check out the loads of hilarious customer action shots for inspiration! — Katie D.

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want it now: pressed seaweed art from coastal prezence


I have a thing for green. After yellow, of course, but then it’s definitely green. Or red. So naturally, the ochre background paired with the varying shades of green and red on these framed seaweed pressings by Coastal Prezence are pretty much my definition of perfection. Add in the artistry of staining and salting paper, then laying out the seaweed patterns and replacing the wet absorbent layers every two days until the process is complete, and a pressing of my own is now at the top of my “want it now” list. All of the original pressings and prints are from Pacific seaweed. Original pressings range from $45 for an 8 x 10″ matt (actual pressing is 4 x 6″) to $290 for a 20 x 24″ matt (13 x 17″ pressing), while prints start at $25 for an unmatted 8 x 10″ and go up to $85 for a 16 x 20″. Matted prints are also available. – Sarah L.

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sophisticated storage: the hookmaker tea tile



In our apartment we hang our keys from initialed alphabet hooks right now, but these ceramic tea tiles, $30 each at Design Glut, present some pretty fierce competition. Perfect for odds and ends, the cup is big enough to hold kitchen utensils, pens and all manner of day-to-day debris while adding a sophisticated accent. They look great in multiples, and bright colors would pop against the clean white ceramic. Pinkies up! — Sarah C.

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online find: original art from ebay


Buying original art can be as affordable as it is enjoyable. Case in point? These small but oh-so-sweet English watercolors from eBay seller katyharvey. All of her paintings feature scenes from her native Cornwall, so the subject matter ranges from cottage roofs to fishing villages to purple-hued hills. 9 x 6″ watercolors start at just $12.25, like this one of Appedore North Devon. Occasionally you’ll find acrylics, too. At 18 x 14,” the Appledore North Devon acrylic shown above is a steal at a $30.73 starting bid. — Sarah L.

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