want it now: vinyl wall clocks by pavel sidorenko

vinyl wall

In my dreams, I have an impressive vinyl collection that I display proudly on the walls of my spacious home. In reality, I have a tiny iPod, which fits comfortably into small spaces, like my real apartment. Despite it, I’m thinking of starting a collection of one with one of these vinyl wall clocks by Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko. From animals, to cityscapes to weapons and furniture there are enough options to suit even the most specific themed room. – Sarah C.

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green find: fun pillows from alexandra ferguson




Some recycled decor items just look a little too, well, recycled for my taste. Not so these pillows from Alexandra Ferguson. A friend spotted the “Fox” pillow and I immediately thought of three friends who need one for their couches. (It’s $79, so I hope they understand that it’s not really in my gift-giving budget right now.) A variety of other messages (“Call Your Mother,” “Let’s Make Out”) serve as fun reminders or notes to a loved one, or would just look fun hanging about the house. Ferguson’s pillows are made from 100% recycled materials. She says, “Each pillow is approximately the equivalent of four bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.” And yet, they look very fresh. See all of them here. — Mary T.

steal this idea: shower curtain rod suspended from the ceiling


I love getting the CB2 catalog — spotting the new stuff, seeing the older stuff staged differently — it’s so exciting to see what their designers do with their products. I just about fell out of my chair with delight when I spied their chain-and-pipe-suspended shower rod, shown with the arbor shower curtain. It’s such a cool, industrial look and I’m guessing it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to do as well. It would be perfect for our bathroom, as we have a window that runs along the wall exactly where the shower curtain rod should lie, and it causes tons of curtain issues. I browsed around the CB2 blog to see if they had a tutorial up (as they often do), but alas, not yet. I’ll be checking back, though, and if we get around to figuring it out before, I’ll post our results! — Megan B.

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knot so hard: make your own nautical knot coasters



The rope knot doorstop from Ballard Designs. A rope napkin ring set I saw at the grocery store. A jute-wrapped chandelier at Jamie Young. All of them were giving me a serious longing for something nautical this summer, so I searched online until I found this knot trivet DIY on Design*Sponge. The 14 feet of quarter-inch sisal rope I picked up at the hardware store was only $3.97, which should make three coasters, but it took me about four tries to get the hang of it. While I love the texture of the sisal, in hindsight, I should have stuck with simple cotton, as shown in the original DIY photo, top. I’ll give that a go on my next try. For now, though, I’m happy with the results. Working on any nautical-inspired projects of your own? — Sarah L.

closer to the real thing: dog-inspired furniture


While neither my apartment nor my lifestyle can accommodate a real dog right now, the Pack of Dogs furniture collection may be the next best thing. Created in 2007 by Ricardo Casas, Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy, Cecilia León de la Barra and Oscar Nuñez, the line features versatile pieces shaped like dogs in different positions and named after Mexican wrestlers. I’d love to take one of these guys in as a bookshelf, but they can also be used as magazine racks, side tables or simply as décor-savvy stand-ins for the dog in your future.

Visit Pirwi for more information and order at Proteak.com. — Sarah C.

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