post off: do you design with pets in mind?


Last week The New York Times ran an interesting article about the changing landscape of home design as it relates to pets. While many of us stick to purchasing cute pet supplies and accessories, some pet owners are integrating design elements that cater to their pets as well as their aesthetic to create a happy environment for everyone under the same roof. From a custom staircase for cats to a secretary desk transformed into a feeding station, many of the featured projects provide chic solutions to common problems (where to place bowls so all pets aren’t eating the same food, how to conceal a litter box, etc). We never made any major renovations when our dog was alive, so we didn’t do much in the way of actively designing for him, but we did make certain changes (adding a custom cushion to his bed for weary bones, buying him a NAP blanket from Brookstone, showing him how to use a pull out stool so he could watch my mom make dinner) that made him feel like a part of the family. Do you design with your pets in mind? – Sarah C.

Photo by Ko Sasaki for The New York Times. View the full slideshow here.

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sharing the literary love: frameable author art

seuss beer

Leave it to Dr. Seuss and Maurice Sendak to create ads that were every bit as charming as their books. You can find the Dr. Seuss Narragansett Beer poster at, as well as one he did for war bonds featuring the aptly named Squander Bug. There’s also one by Maurice Sendak that promotes Freedom to Read that has me singing “Chicken noodle soup with rice.” Don’t have $1500 lying around to spend on a poster by a favorite author? M+E has a new line of posters featuring homes of famous authors, including Poe, Emily Dickinson and Flannery O’Connor. — Sarah L.

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real life test kitchen: blueberry salsa



Continuing the blueberry theme today is this magically delicious salsa! Because we were picking our own berries, we got a lot — we ended up with about ten pounds. So we decided to see how many recipes we could find. My husband found this one for blueberry salsa, and I confess I was thinking it would probably be one of those “interesting” recipes that you don’t rush to make again. How wrong I was! We gobbled down nearly the entire recipe on the first serving — that little dish in the photo is all that’s left! And we already went out and got ingredients to make more. It’s not very spicy (feel free to add a little more of that) but the combo of sweet pepper and pureed blueberries against the jalapeno and onion are salsa perfection. Not only that, but look how gorgeous those colors are! Make this one for your next patriotic get-together! — Mary T.

P.S. As suggested at MyRecipes, we served the salsa with Blueberry-Rum Marinated Pork Tederloin. That was ALSO fantastic. Unfortuantely, we ate it all before I got a picture!

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etsy find: type drawer tables


Antique type drawers look charming on a wall, but I love how Etsy seller XenasDad has turned them into tables. A flat surface expands the possibilities of what you can display, and the tables look quite beautiful on their own, as well. There are several different designs and finishes, including a tall mahogany hall table, $750, and a coffee table, $600, that you won’t even have to fill — it comes comes with a carefully selected collection of epoxied sea shells. — Sarah L.

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new chris crites prints: get them while they last



The last time we posted about the mugshot art of Chris Crites, we got quite an enthusiastic response. So we knew you would be happy to hear that Crites just released 12 new, limited-edition prints. The giclée prints come in archival sleeves with an acid free mat, and they’re wonderfully affordable: just one is $150; the rest are just $40 each. However, Crites is only releasing ten of each print, so if you’re interested, act now. See all the prints here. — Mary T.

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