real life test kitchen: baked oatmeal


After a few weeks of frustrating indecision, it looks like Jack Frost may in fact be coming to stay for the season soon in New York City. This is great — not only will it quell the loud mood swings my radiator has been having, but it also puts me in the mood for heartier breakfasts. Taken from the kitchen at my summer camp, this recipe always kept me warm for those early morning swimming lessons in the lake. It’s a key component of my freeze-fighting food arsenal. — Sarah C. Click for baked oatmeal! (more…)

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i dig the diy dinosaur lamps




Make your own version of Jurassic Park (one that won’t go terribly
wrong) with these flexible plastic dinosaur lamps from Think Geek . Triceratops, Diplodocus, and T.rex are available for tagging and studying at $20 apiece. DIY construction time clocks in at 30 to 40 minutes — each lamp comes with illustrated directions. These little Mesozoic monsters make perfect presents for your cool nephew or (in my case) the immature boyfriend who uses a Dino-Riders image as his desktop wallpaper. –Katie D.

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a simple fix: how to deal with rug indents


We’ve all been there: you’ve been whipped into a frenzy moving
furniture around and are just about to collapse into the couch in your
newly formatted living room when — Gasp! — you notice indents all
over the rug from where your furniture previously stood. Here’s how
you make those pesky pockets disappear: simply let an ice cube melt in
the indent. The rug’s fibers will soak up the melting water and fluff
back up. If that doesn’t do the trick (depending on how long the
furniture stood there or how heavy it is) you may need to give the
fibers a good raking with a wide tooth comb. –Katie D.

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late-night gourmet: grilled cheese with heirloom tomato and basil


My husband and I work nights — most often until midnight — so when we are home from work, I immediately retreat to the kitchen to make a quick bite. More often than I’d like to admit, it’s cereal or frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s, but the other night, my late-night culinary skills really shone. I had this gorgeous organic heirloom tomato I had to use before it was overripe, so I threw it on some sliced crusty french bread with some grated Italian cheeses (I used a pre-grated Italian four-cheese blend) and some basil from the yard, slapped em on the cast iron skillet, and voila — an amazing late summer supper in less than 10 minutes! The extra-delicious secret was adding a light dusting of cheese to the outside of the bread and then grilling it, which creates a mouth watering browned cheese crust. I’ve been making these ever since, and will continue to until the very last tomatoes of summer are gone! –Megan B.

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steal this idea: succulents in bricks


I recently spotted and bookmarked this gorgeous, modern outdoor planter on Apartment Therapy — a wall built of cinder blocks with succulents planted throughout. A few days later, while my mom and I were sprucing up my yard, we moved some stuff around and decided to cover the ugly porch foundation with some old holey bricks stacked in the side yard. After arranging the bricks, we had the bright idea to fill in the holes with succulents! All we did to convert the bricks into planters was fill the holes 3/4 up with pea gravel for drainage, then added soil, and filled in with some precious lil’ ground cover succulents (like sedum). I’m quite pleased with the result — I may end up extending the wall depending on how these little guys fare though the winter. –Megan B.

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