hot hose! cynthia rowley goes pink at target

We spotted this in the new MetHome and had to blog it. At Target, Cynthia Rowley has turned a tired old garden staple into something fierce. Behold the hot pink garden hose, sure to give your shed a firey accent. Sadly, it’s not available online, so you better mosey on over to your local store and pick one up before they’re gone. Priced at just ten bucks, they’re sure to sell fast!

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real life test kitchen: honey glazed carrots

The other day, when gearing up to serve the yummy Barefoot Contessa turkey meat loaf, I wanted something new to serve alongside. Yes, I still made mashed potatoes and spinach, but I also served up the best cooked carrots — honest. The recipe is from Cook’s Illustrated, and it’s super easy; takes 15 minutes. Basically you saute carrots in a pan with some chicken stock, butter, honey, fresh thyme and then squeeze on some lemon juice before you serve. Our friend Deborah was over for dinner, and confessed afterwards that when she heard we serving carrots thought to herself, “Oh no, now I have to pretend I like carrots.” But these were so good, she had two servings and asked for the recipe. So there! Eat your carrots! — Angela M. Click through to the next page for recipe! (more…)

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real life test kitchen: turkey meat loaf

There are a few cookbooks that I turn to again and again for foolproof dishes. One of them is, without a doubt, the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. It’s chock full of staples from roast chicken to chocolate brownies. Among many excellent dishes, my favorite is the turkey meat loaf. It’s so simple: A saute of onion, Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste, chicken stock and thyme is added to ground turkey mixed with eggs and bread crumbs. Lather the top with ketchup and bake slowly at 350 for an hour and half. I served with basic mashed potatoes (though I wish I had made the parmesan mash from the cookbook) and honey glazed carrots (those were so good, they nearly stole the show. I’ll give up that recipe next week!). Click through to this Food Network link to see the whole turkey meat loaf recipe. — Angela M.

P.S. This recipe makes a HUGE five pound meat loaf. I cut it down by a third and it worked well.

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great deal! 15% off coco-luxe chocolates


Not that we need to give you a reason to buy luscious gourmet chocolates, but Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and the kind folks over at are offering Shelterrific readers a 15% discount off their adorable truffles until the end of May. Each one is flavored to remind us of a childhood favorite dessert and features a cute little drawing like gingerbread men or mint leaves or banana splits to match. Comfort food in a chocolate — heaven! To get the discount, enter SHELTER during checkout for the discount. Click here to go to the Coco-Luxe site.

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meet your doggie's doppelganger

Sometimes you just can’t get enough of an animal you love. Dollmaker Yi Li, better known as Cornflakegirl, can craft a custom, miniature plush version of your beloved pet. The plushies above are of our friends’ chihuahuas Dee Dee and Pickles. Our friend Jessica says, “The detail is so uncanny that I think these plushies make Pickles and Dee Dee a little nervous.” Visit Cornflakegirl’s Etsy shop for more information. –Mary T.

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