site we’re psyched about: shelfari


As a rule, I say yes to book club. A guaranteed time for wine, food and friends, I look forward to our meetings and the set date helps me to incorporate a few good reads into my otherwise insane schedule. Recently, a friend turned me on to Shelfari, a social cataloging website for bookworms. Part of the Amazon family of web brands, the site allows users to create a profile (using their Amazon credentials) and create and share shelves of books they’ve either read, own or have on their wish list. Users also have the option of reviewing, rating, recommending or tagging books for quick and easy organization and discussion. Though I consider myself a beginner book clubber (and don’t have room for real bookshelves), this seems like it has potential to be a great organizational tool. What do you think, readers? Would you ever use a site like Shelfari to organize your reads? Are you in a book club? What are you reading? — Sarah C.

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organizing keepsakes with the allstate app

allstate app

Years ago I started using the Real Simple Keepsakes list. Operative word: started. While a great idea, I just found the longhand process daunting and without being able to pair it with photos, less than ideal. Hoping that Real Simple had turned their list into an app, I checked the App Store. No such luck. What I did stumble across was the Allstate Digital Locker. While it only had three stars, it was free (bonus) and there were enough four and five star reviews to make me decide to give it a go. A week later, I have most of my keepsakes list transferred to the iPhone and paired up with photos. And thanks to the comment field, next time I’m with my Mom and mother-in-law, I can get their help in more accurately describing some of the family items they’ve given to me over the years. The app is also available for other mobile devices and once completed, can be e-mailed so you can print or store a copy. The only bummer? Thumbnails won’t be part of the e-mail. — Sarah L.

In the picture: A turned-wood pencil holder that belonged to my great-grandfather.

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bookmark this site: letterheady

Robot Salesmen letterhead

New favorite site alert! An “online homage to offline correspondence”,  Letterheady is a blog that chronicles fantastic stationery from the likes of Nikola Tesla to Harry Houdini and it is marvelous! I’m the type of girl who can spend hours in a stationery store. (Candy colored envelopes! Butterfly-shaped confetti presses! Monogrammed thank you notes!) So, for me, the blog has just as much eye candy as Twihard’s bedroom ceiling. Click to indulge your love for old fashioned lines of communication. –Katie D.

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before and after: a new tv stand!


My husband and I have this rule: no more IKEA furniture. We are adults now; and are tired of bickering while wrestling a gigantic flat-pack MDF monster and attempting to decipher the modern hieroglyphic instructions. We’ve had enough of it already. I’ll admit, though, to always having a soft spot for the Expedit series — the design is just so smart and simple. When we finally stepped into the 21st century and upgraded to a flat-screen TV, we quickly realized the old IKEA bookshelf we were using was not right for our living room. We needed more storage space, something that would brighten up our room and wouldn’t break the bank. I scoured Craigslist and looked at some of my favorite local vintage shops, but just couldn’t find the right piece for our large space & tiny budget. That is, until my husband surprised me with a radical, and perfect solution…
Click to see what we ended up with, after the jump! (more…)

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snark at the office: love it or leave it?

wtf stamp

For the most part, my office aesthetic can be described as classic, clean and organized. I’m in the planning stages (just dreaming, really) of an everything-in-its-place, comprehensive desk makeover, but that didn’t stop me from laughing out loud when I spotted this little sticky note in a coworker’s office. Classic and clean? Not really. But I can appreciate a well-designed detail any day. I guess this is where my minimalist style hangs a sharp left into Snarktown, but I just love accessories that coax out a smile. Another favorite is Knock Knock’s self-inking WTF stamp, $10. Surely this won’t get as much legitimate air time as my beloved Dozi paperclip holder, but it definitely provides momentary solace from those manic Monday mornings. Where do you stand, readers? Does snark have a place in your office? –Sarah C.

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