jumbo sticky notes: when a standard post-it just won’t do


My boyfriend jokes about the incredible number of Post-It Notes you can find around our apartment on any given day. I will admit, I’m a keeper of lists and a chronic Post-It user. That’s why I got such a kick out of this Jumbo StickIt Pad on Vat19. Each classically colored yellow note is 36 times the size of the original, and a pad of 80 sheets costs just $8.95. Put this one on my must-buy list! — Erica P.

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easy ikea hack: stainless coat rack

I’ve been on the seplace for the perfect coat rack for almost an entire year — something modern, sturdy, high capacity, and most importantly, affordable. Well, I finally found one that fits the bill at IKEA, but not where you’d expect. I spotted the Rationell Variera pot lid rack (designed for countertop use) for the bargain price of $4.99, and knew it would be my ideal solution.


But getting my pot-turned-coat rack on the wall took more work. After seeking guidance at the local mom-and-pop hardware store, I came home with a bag full of various brackets, bolts, screws and clamps, still not sure how it would come together. And after putting six huge anchor holes in the wall, I wasn’t sure it would even work at all.


But it was at that moment of despair when I had my “a-ha moment” — I took the galvanized pipe hanger strap I had purchased, unscrewed the posts on the rack, threaded the tape, cut it to fit, and re-attached the posts. Then it was as simple as drilling a few screws into the wall in a few spots to make sure it was well anchored. I love the result, and it cost a mere $7! — Megan B.

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stocking stuffer: digital day counters

If you’re anything like me, you have no idea how long that Chinese food has been lurking in the back of the refrigerator. I always have the best of intentions to write down on the top of the container when it was exactly that I ordered delivery, but suddenly it’s innumerable days later and I’m trying to gauge the ratio of likelihood of food poisoning to how hungry I am. These little digital counters from DaysAgo, $7.99 at The Container Store, make a great stocking stuffer and will save me from many upset tummies! They’re also useful outside the refrigerator — they can be used to count down from when the plants need watering or air filters need to be replaced. — Katie D.

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ladies and gentlemen, we have a pot rack


After reading through all of your amazing comments and suggestions on my post about wanting to hang a pot rack, I decided I should probably consult the guy actually in charge of building it for me. It turns out my boyfriend is pretty creative and quite the handyman. I came home from work one day to find he had devised a plan for building me my very own pot rack. Less than $20 and 30 minutes later I had a great place to hang my new pots. It was as simple as drilling a few pilot holes, screwing in some eye-hooks, hanging a couple of carabiners and sawing off the handle of a broomstick. Oh, and the pretty metal hooks—they’re actually shower curtain hooks! I think it looks rather sleek…in an industrial sort of way. Let me know if you want more detailed instructions and I’ll get the handyman himself to write some up. —Erica P.

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help! i need to hang some pots and pans

Remember when I wrote about a well-edited kitchen? I shared my plight of way too many pots, pans, gadgets, and dishes that I’m just not ready to give up. Well, it looks like I’ve finally exhausted all my current organizing options. While I intend to do a massive cleaning out over the next few weeks, I’d really like to put up a shelf and a bar for hanging pots in my kitchen. The walls in my pre-war apartment have the ability to elude the most accurate of stud-finders, so the only space sturdy enough for a shelf would be the window frame. I’m hoping to replicate this shelf, adding a sturdy bar underneath for pots. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? Should I get a tension bar? Should I put up hooks and a curtain rod? What hooks should I use to hang the pots? Help! — Erica P.

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