tested and approved: idye natural fabric dye

before and after

Confession time: I’m too cheap to throw out clothes just because I splatter a little spaghetti sauce or fudgesicle on them. I had a whole pile of faded and stained t-shirts when I came across iDye, a natural fabric dye. The process is foolproof: just throw the whole packet into the hot washing machine with a little salt or vinegar and it will dissolve and dye 2 to 3 pounds of rayon, cotton, silk, wool or linen. For just $4, I got a whole new wearable wardrobe including a former cheerful orange bridesmaid dress that was too bright for everyday wear until it transformed into a strawberry red. –Katie D.

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container store chic: the brocade desktop file


I have a feeling that having the brocade desktop file from the Container Store would change my life. I could finally put away all my files, organize my home office and stop my husband from nagging about my piles of clutter that I leave everywhere. A little peace of mind for $20 – not bad! If you’re feeling extra ambitious, a matching garbage can, pencil holder , and letter tray can be ordered separately. — Katie D.

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free printable: weekly menu planner


Planning a weekly dinner menu is something that I always intend to do but hardly ever comes to fruition. Using these printable menu planners from Alma Loveland (via How About Orange) could help me plan my grocery list a little better (and all that cilantro that wilts when I forget about it could finally see a dinner plate). Here’s how it works: print out your favorite menu and frame it under glass, then use a dry erase marker. Printable and reusable! — Katie D.

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before & after: our new kitchen sink



I am so embarrassed by the before photo. Yes, this is the sink that came with our house, a shallow 4 1/2 inches deep, with the cheapest possible fixture that had literally given out. I can’t believe we let it get this bad, but duct tape (sweet duct tape) allowed us to delay getting it fixed until we could take our time and find the right sink and the right faucet. I’d been planning this change for a while, of course, and mentioned I wanted to upgrade to a new faucet in our holiday wish list post, but sometimes life forces these changes upon us. I really wanted to eliminate the wasted space that exists in a double basin, and I desperately needed a nice deep basin to wash my huge cast iron skillets and soup pots. So after looking around at a few local hardware salvage stores and coming up with nothing, we ended up at all places, Home Depot. Lo and behold, they had a lovely 8 1/4 inch deep stainless steel single basin sink for a decent price, and we even found a fixture that was more affordable than my original pick, this one by Glacier Bay. Installation was a breeze, and we actually gained more cabinet space under the sink, in spite of gaining twice the depth. I love the faucet, too, and I’ll even admit I enjoy doing dishes now, which is something I thought would never be possible! — Megan B

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crazy for custom calling cards from rifle paper co.

custom 3

I’ve been in the market for calling cards for some time now (what can I say? I’m picky about paper products!) and while I’m usually a typography and white space kinda gal, I’m loving these custom illustrated calling cards from Rifle Paper Co. For a fee, illustrator Anna Bond will draw your portrait for your notes or calling cards, and can also hand-letter your text if you so choose, giving you a personalized set of stationery that is truly one-of-a-kind. Simply choose your portrait count (singles are $100), quantity and lettering style and color and in two to three weeks, everyone will be able to put your face to your name. Though pricier than some other options, these might make a fun gift for some of the organized friends in my life. – Sarah C.

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