bike month for the space-impaired: foldable bikes from areaware

IF Mode

May is National Bike Month and this week, May 17-21, marks Bike-to-Work Week. In New York City, the land of bike rentals and designated lanes, it’s not hard to find a bike for a casual afternoon ride if you don’t own one, but the thought of biking to work is bittersweet because New York is also the land of tiny apartments, and renting one such space means I have little room for the ride of my dreams. It’s not surprising, then, that I was included in a mass of onlookers at Areaware’s booth at last weekend’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair. The demonstration? The collapsible capabilities of the IF Mode, a foldable bike designed specifically for commuters. At $2,250, it may be a tad pricy for me, but is an interesting idea for those short on space. What do you think, readers? Will you be biking to work this week? Own a foldable bike, or have any other crafty storage solutions to my bike bind? — Sarah C.

Check out Areaware’s complete line of foldable bikes, and click here to find a bike event in your area. Happy cycling!

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this year’s yard project: a garden path

Continuing my tradition of the takes-three-years-to-complete yard projects, I’ve finally started taking steps (har) to place the bricks that I salvaged from the old Rainier Brewery building a couple years ago. Frankly, I just finally got sick of seeing them stacked against our shed, so a couple weeks ago I laid out the bricks to start to figure out a configuration and also to just make sure that we have enough. As you can see, we have plenty! Now, the bricks aren’t all completely uniform, so it will be slightly more tricky to place these than it would standard yard pavers, but I found a couple how-to’s online at This Old House and Home Tips to help. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m actually planning this one ahead of time with measuring, estimating, then buying the correct amount of materials, instead of just buying a bunch of random sand and gravel and hoping that it works out. Welcome, summer! Wish me luck. — Mary T.

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bring some greenery to your office with leaf ties


Rather than trying to hide the countless cables on my desk, perhaps I should just gussy them up. The leaf tie from Lufdesign acts as a simple cable tie with the added bonus of pretty little leaves. Apparently I’m not the only one who loved the design: Tsunho Wang of Lufdesign says that, after a barrage of emails asking for the product, they went into turbo mode to produce leaf ties to sell to buyers directly. Get yours while you can for $7. (Click on “Store” at Lufdesign for details.) — Erica P.

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office supply porn: paperhaus



I’ve always had a thing for stationery stores. Growing up, my best friend and I would spend quite a bit of time browsing through the one next door to his parents’ Italian deli. Even more time was spent dumpster diving for out-of-date calendars and broken pen refills to play “office” with. So when I was strolling through downtown Seattle one recent spring afternoon, and was stopped dead in my tracks by the coolest coat rack I had ever seen, I just had to go in to see more. Paperhaus blew my mind in a big way. You want a new stapler? Done — and with more style than even Milton’s favorite red stapler could supply. The Moleskine journal selection alone is worth a peek. It’s kinda like office supply porn — something you could never get at Staples or Office Depot! — Megan B.

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