real simple debuts organizers at bed bath

Sometimes something hits your inbox at just the right time. Such was the case when Real Simple magazine alerted us that they’re not only are they promoting organization, they’re now making it simpler (of course) with a line of closet and drawer organizers for Bed Bath & Beyond. This was perfect timing for me, who has finally decided that the ridiculous setup of our two closets — too narrow, too dark, poorly situated — must be tackled. I am eyeing the sweater organizer (with a nifty vertical or side-by-side option) and I love the idea of the closet drawers! Click to see all the new organizers from Real Simple. — Mary T.

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reduce pet hair and lint with lint balls


When was the last time you even looked at a Lillian Vernon catalog? I know — it’s been years! But my mom has been absolutely raving about these black and yellow lint balls that reduce the amount of lint and pet hair on your clothes. You just toss them in your washing machine, and the nylon micro-brushes catch and hold the fuzz, rather than having it redeposit on your clothes. Since I’m constantly plagued by cat hair (two white cats will do that) I decided to take the plunge and get some, testing them first on my dark brown flannel sheets (which are a cat hair magnet). Lo and behold, they seemed to help — and I even noticed my towels produced less lint in the dryer. I’ll admit, I was pleasantly surprised! — Megan B.

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sweet on soaps from seattle sundries


I stumbled across these handcrafted soaps at Seattle Sundries and am desperate to try one. My fave? Gender Neutral. The ingredients — cocoa powder, vanilla and sweet birch essentials oils — add up to a scent described as “slightly reminiscent of root beer.” Just $9.50 for a tin, although, on second thought, I better order two. The tins are definitely fight-worthy! — Sarah L.

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new woolly pocket planters launching march 5

Around here, we’ve got spring on the brain — despite the winter weather predictions of a certain clairvoyant groundhog — and it turns out our timing is perfect. On March 5, the folks over at Woolly Pocket are set to add five new additions to the modular gardening family: four standalone pockets and an updated “Wally” vertical planter to offer a sleek design alternative to their utilitarian counterparts.


All Woolly Pocket planters are made from a breathable felt derived from 100% recycled plastic bottles, but the new planters are made from updated version that is twice as thick and three times as dense — in other words, sturdier. And were that not enough to ponder as we tick off the days until spring, new colors will be available in April, and by May, the Woolly Pocket site will include new features so that gardeners of all levels can discuss their passion and progress.

Woolly Pocket is doing good beyond their goods, too. Last summer, the company launched their Woolly School Garden program — learn more in Dwell’s interview with founder Miguel Nelson — to teach children in K-12 schools about gardening and nutrition. Such developments may just provide the inspiration we need to keep us busy dreaming, planning and indoor planting until the thaw. (And course if all else fails, you can carry a little garden with you in the Woolly Pocket handbag.)


Watch the video or visit Woolly Pocket for pocket planting how-to’s. — Sarah C.

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post off: have you tried a robotic vacuum?


Okay, so it’s robot vacuum day on Shelterrific! The table-top robot butler got us thinking about the Roomba. Even though they’ve made a splash (or vroom, if you will) on the domestic landscape, I don’t actually know of anyone who uses one. iRobot not only has the Roomba to vacuum your floors but they also make a Scooba to wash them, a Dirt Dog to sweep your garage, a Verro to clean your pool, and a Looj to clean your gutters. Do you have your own household cleaning robot? How well does it work? And, more importantly, how long before they become sentient and try to take over the world from their human masters? — Katie D.

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