check these out: crocheted lawn chairs!

I recently inherited a bunch of fabulous stuff from a friend’s mother who was moving out of her home. Pyrex bowls, clothes, and sewing patterns, yes, but the greatest find were these two crocheted lawn chairs. I have never in my life seen anything like them — it’s nylon yarn woven over an aluminum frame — which is why I grabbed them. When I got them home, I was even more delighted to realize that the chairs don’t have just an abstract pattern, but are representations of a squirrel and deer. They are the perfect summer chairs! Has anyone out there seen anything like these? Were they homemade? I just may have to learn how it’s done so I can make myself some more! –Megan B.

Update: See kourtney’s link in comments — looks like they’re macrame!

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help! how do we build a pergola?

Reader Cassy writes to us with this question:

My husband would like to build a deck (low to ground) that will hold a hot tub. He wants to put a pergola over the hot tub. I have never seen one and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to build one, pictures, or good places to shop for one???

Cassy, thanks for writing! A quick online seplace found a few sites that might help you out. Lowes has an online how-to on building a pergola — you’ll probably notice that the skill level is listed as “advanced.” Does that describe you? Popular Mechanics also has a pergola DIY — and not only does this one have 3D animation, it calls the project “simple”! And here’s another good article at Reader’s Digest.

We like the look of a pergola, too. Readers — have you built one? Any advice for Cassy?

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it’s the little things: talkative trader joe’s tissues

I like even minor items like tissue boxes to have a little personality, so it’s no wonder I came home with two boxes of these very friendly tissues from Trader Joe’s. They’re decorated with some old-timey artwork, but it’s what the tissue is “saying” to me that I like. “I’m there when you need to pick up icky things,” it says. “I’m there when you run out of toilet paper.” It even offers a kindly reminder to check my pockets before tossing my pants in the laundry. Where the tissues fall short are, sadly, softness. Simply put, they aren’t! (They’re like the Clint Eastwood of facial tissues.) But for 99 cents a box, I guess I won’t complain. –Mary T.

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a garden for your desk: the tulip usb hub

My boyfriend and I share a computer desk. We’ve hooked up both computers, an external hard drive, a printer, an external disk drive and a set of speakers. I’m dealing with the cord situation, but constantly switching out my usb plugs is an annoyance I’d love to avoid. With Fred Flare’s USB tulip hub I could do that with added style! Each bright red flower is a high speed USB port that connects to the computer through one common USB cable. Pick one up here for $22. — Erica P.

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a punny place to hang your clothes

I have a great appreciation for puns and, therefore, have great appreciation for Urban Outfitters’ Writing on the Wall coat rack, $24. The block of bright red text can transform a plain white wall and give a witty shot of personality to an otherwise boring entryway. I use mine to organize my scarves with sassy panache. The Writing on the Wall coat rack is available only online. For those who like their coat racks a little more cynical, an alternate version reads, “blah blah blah”. –Katie D.

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