post off: do you have a tv in your bedroom?

So I finally purchased Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure, thinking I would be a late joiner to the 2008 Spring Cure. I’m reading through the book slowly, and there’s a lot of discussion of how important it is to make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary. While TVs aren’t explicitly mentioned (well, maybe they are eventually — I haven’t read it that closely yet) there always seem to be to be news stories on how bad it is to have a TV in the bedroom. Of course, not everyone feels this way: witness “Hi-Can, the Ferrari of Beds” — it pretty much is a TV! We don’t currently have a TV in our bedroom, but I confess: I love to watch movies in bed. What about you — TV in the bedroom, or banned from it? –Mary T.

Above image from Apartment Therapy.

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neat and cheap: door purse organizer


I have a lot of purses and not a lot of storage space. Until we get organized enough in our new house to add a built-in or two, I’m loving these over-the-door purse organizers from Bed Bath & Beyond. I have a sneaking suspicion that there are those who would lecture me that hanging purses by the strap isn’t good for them, but like I said — these are a great solution for now. And just ten bucks for the two of them! –Mary T.

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green dog houses: sustainable and spendy


There have been several comments lately about how you don’t want to go broke just to go “green” with your purchases. That’s something we do understand here at Shelterrific, especially with recent home purchases and new babies in the picture! So I have a feeling that few of you will be investing in these Greenrrroof Animal Homes from Sustainable Pet Design anytime soon. They’re custom-designed and planted with vegetation chosen to thrive in your particular area, and that costs — the “dog barn,” for instance, starts at $850 in x-small. The photos sure are fun to look at, however. Maybe it will be an inspiration to reclaim some building materials from your garage. (Please note that the Greenrrroof versions are patent-pending.) –Mary T.

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steal this idea: extra-long conduit curtain rod

We love our big living room windows, but we wanted to be able to block the sometimes-blinding setting sun. However, we also wanted to hang the curtains wide enough to maximize our view. Just one problem: our windows are 118″wide, and the longest readily available curtain rods we could find only went to 120″. Lucky for me, I have an observant (and handy) husband. He’d seen metal conduit used as curtain rods, so we decided to investigate that section of the hardware store. Turned out that 10’lengths of 3/4″metal conduit could be had for just $3.99 each. With the help of a hacksaw, a few conduit hangers, and less than an hour of work, we now have a 152.5″curtain rod. It’s a bit industrial, but that’s perfect for us. –Mary T. Read on for photos and instructions! (more…)

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