snark at the office: love it or leave it?

wtf stamp

For the most part, my office aesthetic can be described as classic, clean and organized. I’m in the planning stages (just dreaming, really) of an everything-in-its-place, comprehensive desk makeover, but that didn’t stop me from laughing out loud when I spotted this little sticky note in a coworker’s office. Classic and clean? Not really. But I can appreciate a well-designed detail any day. I guess this is where my minimalist style hangs a sharp left into Snarktown, but I just love accessories that coax out a smile. Another favorite is Knock Knock’s self-inking WTF stamp, $10. Surely this won’t get as much legitimate air time as my beloved Dozi paperclip holder, but it definitely provides momentary solace from those manic Monday mornings. Where do you stand, readers? Does snark have a place in your office? –Sarah C.

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site we’re psyched about: teux deux

teux deux

My biggest goal for 2011 (other than winning the lottery and retiring): to be more productive and organized. It’s a lofty one, I know, but thankfully I’ve got help — in the form of web-based productivity assistant Teux Deux. Instead of my perpetual scrap paper list-making cluttering my desk, pockets and recycle bin; I’ve got a minimally-designed running list on my browser, which is where I’m spending the bulk of my computer time anyway. Even better, I’ve got it synced up with the iphone app, so I can cross off those nagging to-do’s as soon as they are complete! Best of all, the site is free (though the mobile app has a nominal fee) — and did I mention it’s the brainchild of one of our favorite bloggers, Tina Roth Eisenberg, also known as swissmiss? — Megan B.

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stamp envy: say hello to new stamps in 2011

2011 stamps

New year, new stamps! In late December the U.S. Postal Service released its list of 2011 stamp program debuts and with it, some snazzy new options to dress those envelopes. A Pixar film aficionado at heart, I’m loving the Send a Hello collection, featuring some of my favorite animated friends, but the standout for me in this release is the Pioneers of American Industrial Design set, available in July. Each stamp honors one of twelve influential designers with their name, a picture of their object and the year it was created. Skip the lines by ordering online and have them delivered to your mailbox for just $1 shipping and handling. –Sarah C.

image courtesy of simplesong

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gift guides 2010: the workaholic


If you can’t get her to spend less time at work, at least you can help infuse her day with a little fun. — Mary T.

Anthony Burrill print — Okay, I’ll be honest: there’s no way you’ll get this in time for Christmas. So print out a photo from Burrill’s website with an “it’s on it’s way” note, and have it shipped to her office for a near-future day brightener.


Clients from Hell Invoices
— Does someone complain about her clients? These Clients from Hell invoices for “day ruiners” might make her feel better.


Old School Stickies Set — Argh! Huh? We all need sticky notes to get us through the workday, and few express our feelings as succinctly as this set.


Graphic Lap Desk — Working in bed? Guilty as charged. Take away the sting with a graphic “desk” from the Container Store.


Magazine Files — Piles of magazines and papers get gussied up fast with simple magazine files. If you can brave IKEA this time of year, you can get a pretty set like these Lingo files, just $2.99 for four. Or check the stationery section at a big box store.


Bento Box — A stackable lunch box can add interest to your day even if you can’t get away from your desk. I love this super-colorful version from PLASTICA. Find more at your local Asian supermarket.

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moveable type, literally: taking letterpress printing on the road



I was so excited to read today about a new venture being undertaken by Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press, a letterhead company she runs in Portland, Oregon. Kyle has a plan to retrofit a bread truck with a portable printing press, then hit to the road to conduct letterpress workshops for kids across the U.S., sharing her love and building enthusisasm for the process. Kyle’s whole plan is outlined at the Moveable Type Kickstarter site, where she explains her quest in a fun and engaging video. You can donate funds (she’s only trying to raise $8,000 — that’s a very economical project) or just learn more about it. (Incidentally, Kickstarter, a site where you can “fund and follow creativity,” is pretty cool, too.) And make sure to visit the Power and Light Etsy shop, as well. — Mary T.

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