want it now: apple memo pad


Does it get more adorable than this apple memo pad? If the folks at Cute Overload started moonlighting as office supply designers, I have a feeling that this would be their first product! Designed and produced by D-BROS, the Kudamemo is an apple-shaped sticky note stationary set, $40, that is equal parts practical and whimsical. — Katie D.

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best office ever: three rings design


Color me jealous that I work in a standard cubicle farm with ghastly florescent lighting! These pictures from Wired documenting the amazing offices of San Francisco game studio Three Rings Design make me want to get their HR person on the phone immediately! Designed by husband and wife duo Jillian Northrup and Jeffery McGrew of Because We Can, the offices pull inspiration from Jules Verne’s fictional submarines, Victorian parlors, and pirate ships. They include a secret room behind a bookshelf, a plush break room with couches scavenged from a Craig’s List post, and a treasure chest which opens to reveal an Xbox 360 and flat-panel TV (of course). How much better would your Mondays be if you could lounge on plush octopus tentacles? — Katie D.

Photos via Because We Can

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workplace blues beater: dozi paper clip holder


As the days get markedly shorter and the winter blues taunt, I’ve appreciated little items like Katie D’s chirping bird paper clip holder. At my desk, I’ve also gone the woodland animal paper clip route with the Dozi Paperclip Holder, $24 from the MoMA Store. Ah yes, when I’ve got a particularly gnarly case of the desktop doldrums, I just reach over and give the porcupine a paper clip mohawk, sometimes even a paper clip comb-over, to add a little pop of color and humor to my otherwise bland desk. I also use him as a kind of time-telling fun-dial, if you will. If he starts the week off at mohawk, I know that the weekend is near when his spikes have depreciated to comb-over status, because lots of work must have been done to require all those paper clips! –Sarah C.

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digital diy: paper iphone dock


I do not have an iPhone, but I’m certain that if I did, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford much else. Despite this (and despite my dedication to my tried and true “vintage” flip phone, of course) I’ve recently desired an iPhone or iTouch just to have a reason to make this neat little paper dock. Made with a single sheet of letter-sized paper, it’s a crafty way to be green with paper you have, without spending the green you don’t. Visit Dessine moi un objet for a template, video, and instructions. –Sarah C.

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want it now: chirping bird paper clip holder


The summer is winding down and the winter months are creeping up on us. All those lucky little song birds will fly south to escape the snow while the rest of us are stuck here to suffer the sleety commute. To get you through those winter blues, the chirping bird paper clip holder from Perpetual Kid, $14.99, is a pop of color to brighten up an otherwise dreary desk. Not only is this little guy adorable, but he’ll punctuate any paper clip usage with a happy little chirp. –Katie D.

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