wrestling over wreaths: fresh, DIY or etsy?

We haven’t even consumed all of our Thanksgiving leftovers, and I’m already feeling like we’re behind in our holiday decorating. I think the first order of business is to find a wreath for our front door (which happens to be pale blue, fyi). I’m torn between buying a fresh one — there are a ton at Home Depot — or going a more crafty route. Someday, I’ll make my own wreath — I’ve seen a ton of great how-tos online — but this year I’m short on time. Etsy is calling my name.

Here are some that have caught my eye.
Maine wreath, $60. Covered in moss with a tiny moose. Reminds me of our summer vacation.

This is the one our nearly-4-year old wants. Quelle surprise. It’s made of peppermint sticks and lollipops. $70

Modern Felt Mistletoe, $80, is elegant.

Fresh Eucalyptus and noble, would look great on door. Would it smell nice? For $90, I’d hope so.

Do you have a wreath on your door? Any advice when buying a fresh one? Or hanging a crafty number? — Angela M.

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strangely appealing: etsy sewer cover pillows


Manhole covers have long been a popular subject for modern art photography and books. Usually made from cast iron, their symmetrical designs vary greatly from city to city around the globe, and often give travelers a reason to keep their eyes on the ground and not towards the sky. Though few design-junkies could dispute their graphic appeal, they don’t exactly look like something you’d want to touch — let alone snuggle. Still, these sewer cover printed pillows, from In the Seam on Etsy have their charms. We love these soft metropolitan tributes. Chose from Detroit, London, Boston, Seattle, New York and even, Catskill! $42/each.

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antique toast rack: the perfect family-sized napkin holder


Right now, switching to cloth napkins is pretty low down on my green list. We’ve given it a go three different times but until life is a little less chaotic, it’s not practical for us to do every day. So after throwing in the towel yet again summer, I seplaceed in vain for something that would keep more than a handful of napkins in easy reach without taking up a ton of table space. No go. Then I was flipping through old tear sheets and saw the now-familiar toast rack used as a letter holder idea. Eureka! A seller on Etsy had an antique silver toast rack and tray for under $20. Thanks to the size, we can have 50 or so napkins on the table. And as luck would have it, the tray, which was made to hold small pots of marmalade, is the perfect size for salt and pepper or the oft-used bottle of Tabasco. You can find toast racks with trays on the usual sites — eBay, Etsy and Ruby Lane — starting for around $10. — Sarah L.

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etsy find: fall fields paintings


It may be early days of fall. but it feels like it is in full swing. I’m back to baking again, now that the house is cooler. And we’ve attended our first fall festival. Getting there involved a ferry ride, which caused some confusion and disappointment on the first river crossing because the backseat occupants thought that it was a fairy ride. Just one of many pitfalls we’ve discovered in the English language! The return trip was met with a lot more enthusiasm, although that could have been the lingering affects from the apple desserts/sugar high.

We’ve got two more festivals marked on the calendar. Hopefully I can find some regional artwork at one of them but if not, these two small oils caught my eye on Etsy. The first measures 6″ x 6″ and is by Etsy seller erinspencer. Yours if you’re more decisive than me for $70. The second measures 3.5″ x 2.5″ and is from UK Etsy seller wildatartshop for $10.25. Either would look great propped against a bowl of apples or my blue and white Cornishware canisters. — Sarah L.

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etsy find: wine cork doormat


Awhile back, we mentioned the DIY wine cork bathmat. We love repurposing, but there’s always that small issue of “having enough time and energy to actually sit down and make that thing we like.” So for those of us who have the sneaking suspicion we’ll never actually make the mat, Sarah Racha’s Etsy shop has done the work for us. It can be yours for $120. Cheers! –Mary T.

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