weekday diy: anthropologie’s monster gift card holder

zipper monster

tooth monster

They’ve been giving them out for a while now, but last week I enjoyed my first encounter with Anthropologie’s monster-themed gift card holders, and now the only frightening thing is my obsession with them. But can you blame me? The button eyes! The zipper teeth! We’re no strangers to the brand’s special packaging touches (anyone remember 2008’s birthday sewing kit by Lizania Cruz?) and many of them can be recreated at home, including these, thanks to this great tutorial courtesy of Mary Grace of White Waxflower. — Sarah C.

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new obsession: spekuloos waffle spread


We moved from NYC to a ‘burbs a couple of months ago, and though we are adjusting marvelously to our new life, we are missing a few of foodie treats from our old hood. One we thought would not be replaced: Our Monday morning visits to the famed Wafel and Dinges truck, for a crispy waffle drizzled in Spekuloos. What is Spekuloos, you ask? We are not sure ourselves, but the best way to describe it as a spread, similar to Nutella, that tastes like fresh cookies. Joy of joys, we learned that the magic stuff is now for sale at Arcadia NYC for $7 a jar. We recently ordered a trio of them, and have been spreading it around on English muffins, toast and frozen waffles. It makes everything taste like a graham cracker. Someday, we’ll step up our game and make our own waffles. First we may need to get one of these. Spread the love! — Angela M.

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steal this idea: “wrap” an ipad (or other present) in chocolate

chocolate iPad 1-1
chocolate iPad 3-1

Not only did Stefan Magdalinski find an iPad in London to send to his wife in South Africa where they weren’t yet available, he also had it covered in chocolate with help from his chocolate maker friend Paul A. Young. (“Chocolate maker friend” — don’t you wish you had one of those?) The birthday present has launched him to the top of the “Husband of the Year” finals and also allowed him to get out of a record 300 “Whose turn is it to load the dishwasher?” fights. While not all of us can afford to nab the latest gadget-turned-status-symbol, I love the idea of wrapping a present in chocolate! The process would probably work just as well on a great book or a DVD of a favorite movie. There are enough pictures at Stefan’s website to inspire your own chocolate-wrapped DIY projects (and a little jealousy). — Katie D.

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etsy find: help the gulf coast


Etsy sellers are teaming up again for a cause. Half of all proceeds from the Help the Gulf Coast Shop (after Etsy and PayPal fees) go to Oxfam America and the other half, pending their approval, to the National Audubon Society. If you’re planning on getting your Etsy fix this month anyway, check out all the participating sellers. You’ll find everything from a jellyfish signed art print to a vintage, carved marble ring box to summery sea glass earrings. — Sarah L.

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want it now: yellow submarine tea infuser


What better way to dress down high tea than with a nod to England’s original boy band? The tea sub, $14 at Fred Flare, does just that. Made of dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant silicone, it would be the perfect gift for that tea-drinking Beatles fan in your life. Simply fill the submarine with loose tea and explore your favorite mug in style. — Sarah C.

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