a mother’s day wish list from paola t

After living in Seattle for three years, we have switched to celebrating US Mother’s Day instead of the UK version. This is a copy of the list that I have casually left at strategic places throughout the house.

This ultra-cute salt and pepper set by Jonathan Adler, $48, is the sort of gift that a young child would really enjoy giving, but which will also be extremely appreciated by the recipient (and I speak from experience when I say that’s not an easy combination to achieve). And the packaging is utterly irresistible, too.

Jonathan Adler’s Mother Child pillow, $98, would also be a very appropriate gift — now available in custom colors to suit your Momma’s décor.

A small bouquet is always acceptable, and better still if presented in a lovely vase. These unusual felt vases, $68 from Rare Device, would please a fiber artist, and would be fabulous filled with knitting needles or brushes when not being used for flowers.


These vases, also from Rare Device, are only $13, so you can get her all three if you’re feeling generous.


Or else put a bunch of her favourite blooms in one of these Perch! vases from Supermarket, $40.

Of course, we moms like nothing better than to put our feet up with a nice cup of coffee, and these Moomin mugs by ittala Arabia at Finnstyle, $30.50 each, also the pass the “young kid to mother” test. You’ll want to get a Moomin Mama mug, of course, and maybe a mug to remind her of her own little Moomin Troll or Snorkmaiden. And a Moomin Love mug, as well.


Nothing (except perhaps diamonds). says you love her as much as taking the time and trouble to make something yourself. So why not craft her a beautiful dahlia corsage, courtesy of Megan Reardon from Not Martha.

Finally, If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual flowers or chocolates, try this “Year in the Country” Limited Edition Gift Set ,$70, that includes 12 differet goats’ milk soaps — one for each month of the year — from Beekman 1802.

Or send her a bouquet of chocolate-dipped strawberries, pineapple, grapes, and canteloupes that looks beautiful, can be enjoyed by the whole family, and will not adversely impact the maternal waistline. From Edible Arrangements; prices from around $40. — Paola T.

Still looking for a Mother’s Day gift? You might want to check out mirrormirror, Paola’s own fabulous shop! (She was too shy to link to it herself.)

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pretty prints for green-thumb moms



Know a mom who’s a garden guru? Make her Mother’s Day with these gorgeous printed garden tools from the V&A/Wild And Wolf collection. Available online at the V&A Shop or domestically at Aldea Home, the collection features a garden tools set including a cultivator and trowel, a watering can, and secatuers outfitted in Daisy, Anemone, and Cray prints by famed English textile designer William Morris. Gardening gloves in Celia Birtwell’s Pretty Woman print are also a great gift for Mom this Mother’s Day. Snag a pair for $20 at Anthropologie or check out the expanded collection, including gardening tools, $38, and watering can, $56, at Kate’s Paperie. — Sarah C

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kinda genius: google envelopes

There are three things I can’t get enough of: s’mores, sweet tea, and fabulous stationery. According to my long-suffering dentist, I should only be indulging in the latter. While still only in the concept form, I’m obsessed with these beautiful Google envelopes! Rahul Mahtani and Yofred Moik, designers from the Industrial Design program at Syracuse University, created these envelopes that literally map out their destination. In theory, patrons would be able to send their messages electronically to the US Postal Service via Gmail for a small fee. From the digital copy, the post office would send a physical representation to your lucky recipient. While we wait for Google to make them a reality, any DIY-ers plan on trying them out in the meantime? — Katie D.

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drinking up the cards at seltzer goods

My sister turned 30 on Monday. This means in the past week I’ve looked at more terrible birthday cards than I care to remember. I’m pretty sure that for every great card there are 10 mind-numbingly stupid ones. That’s why I was psyched to stumble upon a rack of Seltzer Goods cards at a local stationary shop. The cards are great looking, witty, original and printed on recycled paper. What more could you ask for? Check out the site for a store near you. — Erica P.

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hello!lucky and ecojot paper products for earth day

Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and we love cool products from companies that do their part all year. Hello!Lucky and ecojot follow green initiatives like making greeting cards from 100% recycled paper that also comes from a paper mill powered by green energy, using vegetable-based inks, re-using textile industry remnants for cotton paper, packaging products with corn-based protectors rather than plastic, and more — you can read all about it at their respective websites. With all that accountability, the fact that their products are colorful and fun is just an added bonus! Above, letterpress and Cookin’ Mom cards from Hello!Lucky; green journal from ecojot. — Mary T.

Got a favorite eco-friendly stationer? Share in comments!

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