a camera so simple, your dog could use it

We love our pets at Shelterrific, and often wonder what the world looks like from their point of view. Thanks to the Pet’s Eye View Camera from Fred Flare, $50, now anyone can get a sneak peak into Fido’s world. The water-resistant, lightweight camera clips onto your furry anipal’s collar. A timer can be set to snap a photo every one, five, or 15 minutes. The internal memory can hold over 40 pictures for you to gush over (and for Fluffy to use to update her Facebook page). There’s already one animal ahead of the proverbial pack. Our furry friend Cooper, a four-year-old American Shorthair cat who lives in Seattle, has been photographing his day-to-day adventures for more than a year now — he’s even had his work exhibited! My favorites are the portraits the portraits that he’s snapped of his human family — especially his new baby brother. — Katie D.

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a little sugar goes a long way at baking for good


A few months back, I posted about a great mail order site from the folks at The Sweet Potato Project. Like I said before, I’m always happy to eat a little dessert, but to do it while giving to a worthy cause really sweetens the deal. That is why I’m absolutely loving Baking For Good. Want to buy something sweet for your someone special? If you do it at bakingforgood.com, 15% of the price of your purchase is donated to the charity of your choosing. What are you waiting for? Start shopping! — Erica P.

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valentine’s day gifts: think outside the candy box


Great news! Valentine’s Day is arriving again this year, right on schedule. If you like the sentiment but think drug store candy aisle “I love you’s” overrated, say it creatively with an alternative thought for your special someone.

If you fancy the heart-shaped box but are over chocolates, swap them out for a variety of tea infusers with Tea Forte’s Inspiration Hearts, $20 for the large, $12 for the small. Each pyramid infuser contains a leaf-shaped note inscribed with words of wisdom to inspire a special recipient.


“I love you” may be three words, but a memoir takes six. Catch up on your love lit with Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak, $8. Or, for longer-form love notes by someone else, try Other People’s Love Letters, $15.30.


While you may have your love to keep you warm, you may also be underestimating the winter. This “heart warmer” hot water bottle, $15, will do the trick even on the most frigid nights.


Dress a bottle of wine for the occasion with a greeting card label from Toast-Its.com. All designs include space for a personal message that will remain after the wrapper is removed. At $4 a pop, they match the price of an ordinary card, and shipping is free.

Skip the card store and put the romance in writing with Anthropologie’s Valentine in a Bottle, $16. Showcase your sentiments in the glass, and fill throughout the year to keep the love alive.

If you can’t muster up the courage to share your feelings outright, say it anonymously with Redstamp.com’s Secret Admirer Service. Simply select a card and your choice of male or female handwriting and one of their experts will write, stamp and mail your card for you on a designated date. $5 plus the cost of card. — Sarah C.

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so much better than a chia pet: domsai terrariums


GSelect has these Domsai Terrariums listed under “Valentine gift ideas for men.” They can market them however they like, but I really, really want one. Yes, even at $140 each. These odd glass shapes perched on even odder ceramic legs come from Matteo Cibic, and each one houses a cactus or succulent. They’re just so cute. And weird. But cute… Hey, maybe they are perfect for a man I know! — Mary T.

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i (anatomically) heart you

This Valentine’s Day, say it with science. Finding “the one” is a gift to be cherished, and what better way to express that than with a heart in its truest, most anatomically correct form?


Keep it real with some heart art like Hybrid-Home’s Dora Drimalas print, $40, a My Heart Is Yours poster, $24 from Velocity Art & Design, or the strangely appealing heart vase ($450 at Supermarket) by Esque Designs.

For the snugglebug, snag a plush heart for $9 from Etsy shop Batteries Not Included or a plush friend from the source for plush organs, I Heart Guts. (Neil Young fans: consider that heart of gold found.) Or satiate your favorite sweetie with a gummy heart from Fred Flare.


If cards are your thing, create some homemade love with this heart rubber stamp, $4.99, by Etsy seller BlossomStamps, or say it outright with letterhappy’s straightforward note, $2.

All these heart-y tributes may even score you some points for attention to detail and intelligent design. Nothing says love like a spot-on ventricle. — Sarah C.

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