new pen purchases, old-fashioned resolutions

Give me much more to write than a grocery list, and my hand cramps up — one of the side effects of using the computer for virtually all correspondence, I guess. This new year, I have one resolution set in my mind: writing more letters and cards by hand. The aptly named “New Ambition” pen in yellow would be a good starting point, although the thought of going totally old school is not without its charm. — Sarah L.

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final touches: we have tag envy


Most years, gift tags are an afterthought for me. But this year, I have tag envy something fierce. The mini silhouette tags got me started, and now I’m loving these Lil’ Bloomer gift tags/ornaments, $9 for 12. Each tag comes with wildflower seeds inside — just plant them after the holidays and watch your gifts keep giving well into spring! — Sarah C.

We’re also loving the Moose Gift Tags, $6 for three, from Linda & Harriett around here — and not just because I live in the Northwest. Each tag is laser cut from chipboard and would be a great touch for a gift like a bottle of wine. It’s too late to order them for Christmas, but they’d add some fun to a New Year’s Eve hostess gift. — Mary T.

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wish and gift list: paola t

Wishing for:

Mini Gasket Seat, $133.11
Dear Santa: I have been coveting one of these slot-together seat-cum-table thingies from Zaishu for the longest time but have balked at the shipping charges from Australia. But you could just sling one on the back of your sleigh, couldn’t you?

Painting by Amy Ruppel, $100
If you’re looking to get me something smaller and more easily transportable, then I wouldn’t say no to this little 5 1/2” x 5 1/2“ guy by Portland-based artist Amy Ruppel. In fact, I have to admit that I liked it so much I couldn’t wait for you to buy it, but there are still a few others left in her latest online art sale.


Wood Button Coasters, $44
Something cheaper you say? I’ve been good, but not THAT good?
Well, I adore these wooden button coasters from Eden and Eden.


Billie Candle Holders by Jean Pelle, $80/pair
Or maybe these polished and ebonized wooden candle holders from Jean Pelle.

And you know that chocolate is ALWAYS acceptable, don’t you? A teensy weensy 10-bar stack of truffle bars from Seattle Chocolates would do just fine. Believe me.


City in a Bag — London, $14
And for that little something something, I’m thrilled that Muji has finally opened an online store in the US and would love this little wooden London set to sit on my desk and remind me of home. (If you’re not a Londoner like me, they also do other cities including New York, Paris, and Tokyo).

Shopping for:

Lundy Stockholm Dollhouse, $200
I just also wanted to say how delighted I am that you will be bringing my small daughter a Lundby Stockholm Dollhouse. It has lights! And a swimming pool in a drawer! And sun loungers! I am beyond excited and might even let her play with it sometimes.


Illy Almodóvar Collection Espresso, set of six, $150
I am also very happy that you’ve bought my coffee-loving husband the latest collectible set of Illy espresso cups, designed by Pedro Almodóvar. Actually, I’m a bit worried about this one, though really, how can he object since they’re covered with pictures of Penelope Cruz? If they’re really too girly for him, you know I’ll give them a very loving home.

But maybe you ought to get him an Eames House of Cards, $35, just in case.


Chocolate Pie Chart, $20
And why not throw in a Chocolate Pie Chart from Mary and Matt while you’re at it? Lots of love and a big hug to Rudolph. — Paola T.

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jansport 1989 bike swinger: the perfect bike bag?


I used to ride my bike around New York, until I had an unfortunate mishap with a car door (but that’s a story for another time). I had a big wire basket attached to my handlebars, but I’m pretty sure if I still had my bike I would replace it with this JanSport 1989 Bike Swinger, $58. I love that your belongings can be safely zippered inside while you ride, and the whole bag can be easily removed for carrying with you. The bag comes in navy or orange from Urban Outfitters. — Erica P.

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wish and gift list: angela m


Wishing for:

IKEA PS MASKROS light, $89.99
It’s made up of hundreds of paper flowers like a big giant dandelion. I have no where to put this yet, but I’d love to have one ready to be the first thing we unpack in our new home (wherever that may be).

Jamie’s Food Revolution, $26.25
I’ve leafed through this cookbook and want to make everything in it. It’s chock full of easy pasta bakes, beginner curries, and gorgeous photos that make me hungry.

A marquee @ sign from Urban Outfitters, $178
This baby would really light up my windowless office. It’s a vintage-inspired nod to our digital world (and my career path!).

A pretty bib necklace to wear with my many cardigans. I always feel silly buying jewelry for myself.

Shopping for:

A Zoku Quick Pop Maker from Williams-Sonoma, $49.95
I really wanted to get this for a family member, but it’s on back order until January! Doh!


For some of my creative buds, something from MoMA’s Tim Burton Collection. Maybe a book or a collectible doll.

A colorful desk lamp for someone whose work space is too dark. If I had money to burn, I’d splurge on a Pablo Link Lamp from Velocity Art & Design.

And finally, limited-edition Nod Chair, $49.95, for Isadora’s new room. — Angela M.


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