field trip: maui’s surfing goat dairy

When one thinks of Maui, usually visions of poetic sunsets, leaping whales and surfers with washboard abs come to mind. None of those are wrong, but what you might not realize is that there is a burgeoning farm-to-table movement happening on the paradise isle, which makes sense since getting stuff there is not exactly easy. We snuck in a pre-holiday season vacation thanks to the wonders of airmiles, and made a stop by the Surfing Goat Dairy. Found on the hills of Halekala, otherwise known as Upcountry, it’s down the road from a vodka distillery and up the road from a lavender farm. Founded about 12 years ago by two German expats, (he a software exec, she a school teacher) they decided to buy a small goat farm and turn it into an organic dairy is that is a gourmand’s dream. One hundred percent sustainable, it now raises Saanen, Alpine and La Mancha goats, and from their milk they make the most delicious cheeses. If you’ve never had the opportunity to pet a kid goat, you are missing out. They are friendly, soft and eager to have the back of their ears rubbed. They’ll also try to eat anything they can get their tongues on, so you do have to be careful. We signed up for a $15 tour and was shown around dairy and farm. Our favorite part was getting a turn to milk the goat moms for ourselves. Though they have machine pumps — which they swear are gentler and kinder than a human touch — we were each allowed to give a “squeeze” and aim for the bucket. The goats seemed grateful.

If you are in Maui, be sure to visit Surfing Goat Dairy. The best time to show up is around 2pm so you’ll be there for the afternoon milking. If you’re really interested in learning more about sustainable, organic goat farming, ask about their volunteer program. A summer in Maui getting close to some goats while perfecting your cheese making skills? Let the fantasies begin. And for those wishing to sample the goods without the jet lag, consider a gift basket for the holiday season.

For more information on the Surfing Goat Dairy, visit their site.

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store we’re pscyhed about: dwell media’s online shop

For year’s we’ve been saving our dog-eared copies of Dwell magazine. We’ve been collecting them since before we were home owners, turning to them to fuel our modern and minimalist fantasies. Yes, some times things seem a little too serious and sparse there for our real lives, but we love to dream about the cutting edge designs they feature. As of today, our fantasies just became a little more in reach: the Dwell store is open for business, and it’s featuring some of the amazing products we’ve seen in the issues. Names like Eames, Kartell, Bouroullec Brothers, and Egg Collective fill its drop down menus of choices. The site will also showcase designs developed exclusively for Dwell.

Even if you’re not in the market for a $12,000 coffee table or a $9,800 pendant lamp, there are plenty of things that are obtainable pieces of design perfection. Our favorites include the Ovia teapot by Marimekko ($115) and the WOW Wireless Speaker ($74).

Visit to see their lovely mod goods today!

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add to holiday wish list: see-through toaster

Even though I consider myself a pretty good cook, sometimes the simplest of tasks seem quarrelsome for me. Take for example, making toast — I either scorch it, don’t notice that it’s popped, or am so timid with temperature that it takes me several “pops” before reaching my desired golden brownness. I think I preferred the way we did back when I lived in England in the early ’90s — which is basically broiling the pieces of bread one side at a time. Oh the joys of one sided toast! Well, all those bad experiences could be toast if I had one of these beauties: A Magimix see-through toaster. Its viewing window lets you watch the toasting in action. Press the pop up button when your toast is just browned enough. (Of course you can make it pop of automatically if you like.). $200 at Williams-Sonoma.

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one for the wish list: the new diptyque electric diffuser

Few things are a more reliable pick-me-up than the smell of a Diptyque candle. Designer fragrances and eco-soy varieties may come and go, but catching a whiff of Diptyque’s classics Figuier, Baies or Fue de Bois (which perfectly creates a cozy fireplace smell where ever you need one) instantly makes a space far more enjoyable. Now the Parisian scent-house has unveiled a new tool to help our olfactory needs — this gorgeously designed electric diffuser. It steadily and discreetly releases one of five signature fragrances into the air, perfect for offices where burning candles may be unwelcome. We have yet to test one so don’t know how long it lasts. At $350, it’s most definitely a luxury that is on all of our holiday wish lists. Visit to order — and let us know here what you think!

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start ’em young: adorable mini ikea doll furniture

As if the bouncy ball room and pervasive smell of cinnamon buns weren’t enough to please its young customers, Ikea has introduced yet another way to seduce the junior set. We spotted this Ikea doll furniture and house in the store the other day and instantly fell in love. The doll furniture set comes with a bright pink Klippan sofa, a green Lack table, a yellow lounger and a black and white rug. Who needs wooden doll house furniture? This stuff explodes with color. Since we firmly believe in instilling the art room arrangement into our young ones, we think this set would be a fine present for a little tyke. Better yet, pick this up and mix and match with others. Wonder if they’d fit in a Lundy house? See Ikea’s site to view the doll house furniture set, $13, and the playhouse, $8. They’re all Swedish, after all! Meatballs not included.

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