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a bib i would wear

For the longest time, I didn’t understand why people gave bibs as gifts. How many could one child possibly need? Then I discovered that feeding a one year old three meals a day means there’s a whole lot of food dropped and schmeared on places it doesn’t belong. Thus, we have a constant bib shortage. And, while I’m not a fan of spending more than a couple of bucks on something that just gets grimy, I also must admit that these handmade, vintage fabric bibs by RikRak at Fawn & Forest are just the kind of thing I would LOVE to get as a gift. So, I’m bookmarking this page and will try to remember it next time a stylish mom I know has a new baby. $25 each. — Angela M.

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thrifty decor: make a changing table from an old dresser

A changing table is one of those pieces of furniture you only need for a short period of your life, so why spend big bucks on it? We love the idea of turning a vintage find into a useful place in the nursery. Designer Lara Fishman from Designer’s Call gave us this idea with a few how-tos.

1) Find vintage dresser (flea markets are great for scouting hidden treasures). Requirements for a changing table: 36″ tall for ergonomic’s sake, plenty of drawers and cabinets.

2) Relacquer in color of choice; white is always fresh and fun for a nursery

3) Replate original hardware in finish of your choice (this changer was replated in nickel and polished)

4) Convert drawers for maximize storage; put in dividers for diapers, socks, etc.

5) Add interior drawers/partitions to increase storage

6) Place a rail on top to prevent pad from slipping

7) Select custom diaper changing pad… and voila- a unique, vintage looking changing table!

Have you converted a “found” treasure into thing of beauty? We’d love to hear about it! Email us at letters at shelterrific dotcom.

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a tedde you will love to get and give

The other day we got an email introducing us to Tedde, a site devoted to unique incarnations of the modern Teddy bear. Each cute stuffed friend is one-of-a-kind, made with love by hand using knitting, crocheting, embroidery, felting and more crafting techniques. Shown here are two of our favorites: Headless Tedde, $16, and Smith, a spiffy “production assistant,” $41. Click here to see all the Teddes and be sure to check out the felt hearts I Love U Puff while you’re there!

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